Body jewelry

MW2 Spec Ops “Armor Piercing” Veteran Guide

Body jewelry

I posted another version of this on Gamers Nation but I find this way much easier to do. To see my other guide go to Gamers Nation:

25 responses to “MW2 Spec Ops “Armor Piercing” Veteran Guide”

  1. luismiguel013 says:

    let the “jugg” climb up the ladder, then shoot him till he FLIES back. It’s funny as hell!

  2. KOBE24x5 says:

    Me and my friend did this 1 a long time ago using this tactic … Out of all the Echo ops i think this is the easiest 1. Its funny cuz we used the same strageties u use b4 we watch ur videos

  3. killbill12man says:

    you are a genius! me and my friend goes to heliport but the pass is very long

  4. rogeleb says:

    dude awesome guide thanks 😀

  5. jacobedwardrios1 says:

    haha me and my cuzn did this strategy

  6. stupidstufwtmyfriend says:

    @supaflystrikes lol, on his arse plate it also says ‘kick me’

  7. tastyfreddytg12 says:


  8. Tirius9393 says:

    they actually can’t shoot you at all if you look through that wooden plank standing on the scaffold

  9. leaker639 says:

    @supaflystrikes Suit is made out of Dragon suit I believe.

  10. Skateronastick says:

    @laurtzy007 27/7? hhmmm i wonder what i will do with my extra 3 hours

  11. oceanblue1224 says:

    Can anyone help me with this and all of echo? PS3 PSN is UDie2_QuicK, name says it all, im am pro but need a partner for this

  12. oceanblue1224 says:

    Can anyone help me with this and all of echo? PS3 PSN is UDie2_QuicK, name says it all, im am pro but need a partner for this

  13. EvanTurkFilms says:

    You can go farther up, also to prepare yourself. There’s a staircase farther up where you can see the shadow of upcoming juggernauts. Send one guy up there to throw a flashbang, and once you see the shadow, run like hell back behind a wall or barrels and repeat the process after you kill it.

  14. gogetareeljob says:

    @laurtzy007 27/7 yuuuuup hahaha

  15. PatriotsAirsoftTeam says:

    Me and my friend just found out about the helipad version, its worked well. You can shoot 1-2 juggernauts on the lower floors from the pad also.

  16. laurtzy007 says:

    what you said 1:10 or something
    i ues …. (weapon) to notify jugs
    jugs know where you are 27/7

  17. jbakies says:

    69 Stars! FTW! LOL

  18. SicSociophobiac says:

    My mate and I played this and went straight to the helipad. It was insanity because we had to run past like, 2 of them to begin with. Then we got to the helipad. It was easy at first, but once we got to the last 10, it was hell. They spawned in 2’s, then a single one came, then fucking 6 rushed us. I had the berrett, so it wasn’t too bad. The last guy spawned alone, so it ended nicely. 😀

  19. grandtheftfan7274 says:

    @RSSDFTW thanks I posted that comment thinking to get doused with hate one fan boy actually tried to get in a cheap shot by commenting on my spelling by saying “nice spelling you cunt”

  20. zacharydmful says:

    @h3llboy97 lol

  21. zacharydmful says:

    thx man u helped me alot bro 🙂

  22. xaif92 says:

    I love the way when you make em trip and fall and you just keep shooting the bastards xD

  23. superlizard234 says:

    @grandtheftfan7274 nice spelling cunt

  24. superlizard234 says:

    The best way is the Barret .50 to hip fire and kill them

  25. devonwa1 says:

    the juggernaut has GET SUM on his balls and TAKE SUM on his ass lol

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