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Dr. Yaffa Bey Breaking Down the Meaning of American Words, Disc 1……… Disc 2 Will Not Be Posted. Enjoy. HTP

25 responses to “PIERCING THE FOG PT 2 DR YAFFA BEY”

  1. thugmista69 says:

    Ha look at her writing grimoire at 5:23 and then she writes it again at 5:39.How is she going to teach about language with all those mistakes lol

  2. freddiespncrful says:

    Can we please just give the info without injecting negative tone . . .

  3. Einiyah20 says:

    Black Nation is rising….

  4. Xetrez says:

    hahahahahah this is like kindergarten. Niggers learning “complicated” words and how to spell.

  5. firefox8192 says:


  6. oldschoolsituationz says:

    wow! thats twisting facts, its a word game of semantics. grimior is french for writing or the last one she threw out epistle. the rest are just attempts at clarification and popular usage.

  7. ageniusx187 says:

    i always tought that english was a easy language. for dumb people. lol

  8. filmtress says:

    Excellent observation. It seems that Webster came an changed the old Grey Mare!

  9. filmtress says:

    Whoa, I’m liking that authority. I want that one!

  10. 4THEWIRE says:


    DAMN STR8!!!!!

    I’m highly intelligent and never knew this amazing

  11. xxxynghot1xxx says:

    Forget about Oprahs school she doing her thing

  12. glenw74 says:

    It is called legal ease.

  13. bukskea11 says:

    teach sista.

  14. ionuorah says:

    i agree

  15. mailw1n says:

    of course..! 😀
    thank you! 🙂

  16. LuminousPath13 says:

    Forked, I believe.

  17. phylliewilly says:

    She is in her 40s????????!!!!! Black women age so beautifully!

  18. Ezkeel says:

    I have heard but have not been able to verify that Oxford is the “authority” on the English language.
    In it the word black means illuminated.

  19. TruthfulPurityAllah says:

    I cant hear god!!!!

  20. krav1ngfish says:

    Excellent Work, missed you, welcome back.
    Look at two brain washing tools..

    Equivocal Englash (Lash of Angles) nursery school songs you may remember..
    grey mare = “grammar” olde grey mare she
    ain’t what she used to be
    ain’t what she use too bee
    Ain’ twat she you’s to bea
    Theo Gray Mare she
    Ain’t what she used two be
    Many long years ago!

    Mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat are to understand there will always be maintained division among you.

  21. rjohson says:

    dr bey ive heard that the legal profession uses english in such a way as to make the law so confusing so that it works for their benifit; while at the same time that same law can be used against us. Can anyone elaborate on that please??

  22. rjohson says:

    Oh my god this woman never ceases to amaze me. who would of thought that grammer and glamor means the same. grammer occult learning glamor majic spells. Lady Mam Madam yo have just blown my mind.

  23. 2FACED21 says:


  24. Sabledoux says:

    So grammar and glamour=”what is to be preferred”, thats mind control right there.

  25. mailw1n says:

    3:13 “…with ??? tongue…”?

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