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VBR-Belgium 9mm Armor Piercing bullets 2

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The VBR-Belgium armor piercing projectile technology can be used in different calibers like the7.92×24 mm, the 9×19 mm, the .357 SIG, the .40 S&W, the .45 Auto and a lot of others calibers. This Belgian patented technology with his applications in the 9×19 mm NATO caliber ask serious questions if the 9×19 mm NATO caliber must be replaced by one of the tine PDW calibers?

25 responses to “VBR-Belgium 9mm Armor Piercing bullets 2”

  1. flow916 says:

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  2. firefox8192 says:

    all citizens who love the constitution of the united states need this ammo to defeat terrorism at home.

  3. SavageArms357 says:

    Can U.S. civilians purchase this ammo?

  4. adam3176 says:

    @dreicemoney No i ment send the video to the cops… Im sure they would love to see this.. Im not saying they can use this.. know they cant

  5. dreicemoney says:

    @adam3176 most cops would never use armor piercing bullets or be allowed to use armor piercing bullets because they have a tendency to over penetrate going completely threw the flesh of a criminal and hitting an innocent bystander.

  6. Je3perscre3pers says:

    jump 🙂

  7. tomfunfun0530 says:

    @VBR792 is there any steel platings that can stop these rounds

  8. DonRafail79 says:

    ah no chingues q sadico

  9. deathkricket123 says:

    i know what im buying

  10. adam3176 says:

    Lets send this to all the police officers.. Im sure they cant wait to see this… OH Wait they must already know

  11. FrankfurtaMzion says:

    @The realtaco87
    Forgot it !
    this tipe of Ammo is only allowed to sold to Police and Army in US too

  12. FrankfurtaMzion says:

    Wow !
    the standart Round wiht 145 m/s he say !
    hand his new round Speed ?
    The HP is on 330 m/s wiht 115 g
    I think The fake a littel bit in dis Test .
    But they make good Quallety Rounds!!!

  13. TheRealTaco87 says:

    How expensive are these rounds (per bullet) compared to standard 9mm ball?

  14. Lymberic says:

    I would assume that depends on the thickens of the metal, stupid

  15. Gypscrew says:

    once those armor piercing rounds are out, if not already, they will probably end up upgrading the BP vests. lol

  16. haril007 says:


  17. jemcnick says:

    where do u get this ammo?

  18. malaymercernary says:

    those bullets are not just man stoppers, they are anti material bullets. just imagine 50 cal ammo that can take out bradley IFVs. sweet. i want to buy the patent for those bullets and make lots of money.

  19. Mister86Productions says:

    Can it pierce through Titanium or Zirconium?

  20. Morisunlee says:

    My only question is what effect does the longer penetrator have on the powder capacity of the round. I mean only way you could have that extension is to go deeper in which I would think would reduce the charge. I’d like to see the range hes actually testing from. I suspect hes quite close.

  21. liljubaqueadaboi says:

    4inches of soft cold rolled steel covered by half inch of aluminum…..that’s what the hummers in Iraq use…..

  22. liljubaqueadaboi says:

    lol if i need to further explain what HP means on firearms enthusiast page….your obviously lost… sure the video your looking for is call of duty 4 montage….noobs

  23. CubeLuda says:

    ahaha! 😀

  24. CubeLuda says:


  25. retardsrus123 says:

    lol this is such a strange video 01:46 LOL

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