Body jewelry

Ian’s double nipple piercing

Body jewelry

Ian has extra cash so his nipples are about to learn the meaning of courage.

17 responses to “Ian’s double nipple piercing”

  1. PuerAndSenex says:

    @rotedrachen… Someone needs a hug! I usually just fast forward through parts of videos I don’t want to watch… and “Namaste” is used for greeting and saying goodbye. It doesn’t have a one-to-one equivalent with an English word as you suggest. It’s intent is to recognize and greet the divine in others from divine within yourself. Recognizing that we are all human and showing respect. I was just making a video for my son to remember his big day… That somehow is upsetting for you <:-/ Namaste

  2. rotedrachen says:

    Can i get the piercers phone number?? She is HOT!!!

  3. rotedrachen says:

    @PuerAndSenex Namaste means HELLO in hindi!! That´s all!!!!!
    And what´s with all the BOARING talking at the start.
    What a pair of WANKERS!!!!!!

  4. oldgr3gsplac3 says:

    you sure like latin huh? lol

  5. Inkface420 says:

    your boy took it like a champ! hes also got some beautiful eyes. I’m actually about to get mine done in a couple days, and this of all videos and research I’ve done, this video put my nerves to rest.

  6. huzzahs4me says:

    Now this is true Father/Son Bonding! 🙂

  7. HotGirl593 says:

    lan is HOTT!!!!!

  8. PuerAndSenex says:

    Ian is a great guy… that’s my boy!

  9. PuerAndSenex says:

    Wow… where is the love dude? Namaste.

  10. PuerAndSenex says:

    yeah… I was trying to make a video for his special day… sometimes you have to just not sweat the small stuff. I am OK with myself and I know Ian loves me… his language is only an indicator of how cool he was trying to look on camera 😉

  11. PuerAndSenex says:

    Thank you for confirming my thoughts exactly… I thought she had awful customer service attitude… But my boy was happy and that is all that was important.

  12. PuerAndSenex says:

    congrats on your piercing… thanks for your comments… cheers.

  13. lanebelue1 says:

    after hearing everyone bitch about the video i could go for some vodka too great video i watched it right before i went and got mine done but had to come back to comment

  14. bashfulbutterfly says:

    Woo…Piercer sounded like a bitch. “I know what i’m doing!” Get that stick out of your ass.

  15. HXORYPANSHSS says:

    y r u letting him talking to you like that? wat was that fuck you thing at the beginning of the video?? show ur father some respect!!
    the rest of the video is great, 5*

  16. halligon15 says:

    Your son look like a tool !!

    Tell him to put his fucking hat on straight………. fucking EMO

  17. Alyk45 says:

    is ian hot or what! i like ians he should start finding chicks on the beach.

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