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tongue piercing (piercing langue)

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piercing de la langue (tongue piercing) réalisé par seb à la boutique “sans complex” à clermont fd FRANCE music : “Di-na-my-tee” de Ms Dynamite (buy the CD)

25 responses to “tongue piercing (piercing langue)”

  1. formerietiti says:

    Il la bien fait, moi je dit ! Bravos 😉

  2. destinygaines says:

    i have a question i got my nose done and i was wondering does the tounge hurt worst then the nose??? plz answer back thankss(:

  3. pandaapple7777 says:

    i want to get mine done but im scarred to!!!!

  4. Zavedi234 says:

    I already have eybrows, and ears piercing…but I’m not allowed to have tongue piercing…;(
    But I understand why, so….

  5. nastjaTH says:

    omg .. did it hurt? .. i love it ..

  6. TheBre2010 says:

    dont ur tounge burn when u eat or drink ????

  7. tjtank20 says:

    whats the song and im getting tounge pierced in a week

  8. XbrutalbabybrutalX says:

    @juliaxfurxshur did it hurt to get ur lip pierced?

  9. tasminalexandraable says:

    i would never have that done lool

  10. BelizeansRpretty says:

    it looked easy…i want mines done, but i want two piercings on my tongue. i seen it in a magazine, and thought it was cute.

  11. daniellea2006 says:

    ears stretched*

  12. juliaxfurxshur says:

    so awesome! i wanna get my tongue pierced. i have my nose pierced. lip pierced and ears gauged. watch my vids! subscribe! comment!

  13. NikkiLee1987 says:

    it does not hurt getting your tongue pierced. what DOES hurt is the next day cause of the swelling. I thought I was going to be in the most pain i’ve ever experienced, but i didn’t feel it AT ALL

  14. LurkePus says:

    i got my first 2 days ago and i will get anoter in a couple of days .. i haven’t hade any problems with mine at all

  15. friendlymusiclover says:

    why would u get it pierced twise? i dnt get it

  16. 555expressable says:

    no pain at all!!

  17. MsJCo says:

    My Tragus didn’t hurt at all – it when numb!

  18. w375v3 says:

    did nose or tongue hurt more?

  19. Misstibbs says:

    i have two tongue piercings …and it didnt hurt at all getting them done…..THE HEALING PART …was difficult. 🙂 ….that was my expierence

  20. jennythelady05 says:

    i can’t wait 2 get mine >3

  21. bernag06 says:

    got my tongue pierced a yr ago. didn’t really hurt at all, felt kinda like when u bite your tongue. the healing process suckkkkkked tho. but thats just me 🙂 other ppl prob. had diff. experiences w/it!

  22. StormCrazyify says:

    the worst part was swishing your mouth out with alcohol.. my tragus piercing hurt worse than my tonuge.. Belly button is a breeze, its not that bad.. forceps kinda suck but other than that you should be good to go.

  23. liliwonka44 says:

    Hi! Don’t worry about the pain! I made it two days ago, and it’s ok. But it depends on the people! It’s just very uncomfortable the days after, to eat and to speak…

  24. franky280 says:

    i have 3 tongue piercing

  25. gwalivunk says:

    it doesnt hurt at all,,ive had mine done about 4 week now and it is so quick it unbelievable..i thought there would atleast be some pain but there were none at is the easiest piercing to take care of you ca stilll eat but it dose hurt abit but tht stops after about 2 week and i just used cordosil medicated mouth wash used tht everyday and got soem of tht baby ibuprofen and had three spoonfulls of tht each day..thnks

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