Body jewelry

weirdest, dumbest and sickest piercings ever!!!

Body jewelry

a compilation of pictures of the weirdest and sickest piercings i ever seen. compilacion de las fotos de los piercings mas locos, extraños y enfermos q pude encontrar. song: arch enemy – instinct

25 responses to “weirdest, dumbest and sickest piercings ever!!!”

  1. CODinfinityward20 says:

    Notice only white people in the video are doing dumb shit. you done see a black guy doing this. because black guys are pimp and actually care about their future

  2. lfflamingo says:

    Sorry dude, thats just fucked up!

  3. FrankIero871 says:

    @spineboy U sound like the guy from the mentalist 😛 Good point tho

  4. rubixsduck says:

    wow these are some of the coolest people ever

  5. NAGHTYorNICE says:

    eeeewwww…. koolz

  6. littlepatriotskater says:

    3:27 is photo shopped

  7. hoppetyhizzle says:

    These people are all fucking hideous.

  8. AnimeFanBadAsS says:

    @MrWedster its not magnetic

  9. spineboy says:

    So what is the need for all these folks to try to appear “tough”? I have a feeling they are all kind of loosers, looking for a way to make themselves “cool” They can’t compete with regular society, and therefor exclude themselves. The wanting to appear tough, implies that they are insecure and possibly frightened

  10. findhushi says:


  11. faveladf says:

    1:13 **** disgusting

  12. theroxors19 says:

    uuugh at 0:18 his nipples sagg cause of the weight uuuuuugh

  13. Cubzs says:

    piercing sex lol

  14. Cubzs says:

    a pickle inside your ear LOL !

  15. Gummiibaerch3n says:

    2:37 Bääh!

  16. BlogShag says:

    What I found sick was the man boobs at 0:17 ! Yuck! Most of the other stuff paled in comparison

  17. D34THAWAITSU says:

    fuck these ppl really are truly fucked up…ill pick them up with a 500lb magnet attached to a crane and then fling them across the fuckin lot

  18. mrfoltz says:

    Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when [ my ears are drooping down to my belly button] I’m sixty-four???????

  19. lachelle80 says:

    @MrWedster wen u get tht magnet call me dude im wit tht

  20. MaGxReFLux says:

    Who’s the guy at 2:23?

  21. LilMango333 says:

    At least the guy wont ever lose his keys

  22. DARKZDYLEZ says:

    bet none of them get laid

  23. P0kitta says:

    The corset lacing thing is actually very cool…

  24. CeeEsGee says:

    all that metal must get the ladies wet

  25. h3dominator says:

    I just want to know how i got to this video if i was watching halo 3 vids….

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