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Indian Nose Piercing

Body jewelry

My fiance and her friends having their noses pierced in Madurai, India, while we were studying abroad. See the rest of our adventures:

21 responses to “Indian Nose Piercing”

  1. MamiGottahCakey says:

    im thirteen & i did mine all on my own(: it didnt hurt..

  2. deziiebaybee says:

    looks horiible ….hope you are ok …..for a second thought you were crying

  3. Serenityblu23 says:

    @RuddagerRustin , how was India?

  4. RuddagerRustin says:

    As the person in the video, I would like to set the record straight and say that I did not get an infection. I would also like to say that Indian people are NOT dirty. Just as any place in the world, some people within the culture are unhygienic, but most people are not. It is prejudice to make such assertions about a billion people.

  5. JeanaDylan83 says:

    so cool 🙂

  6. ohitselle says:

    damn you’re hardcore

  7. katie4kitkat says:

    It looks a lot more painful than the average way of piercing a nose. And stop assuming that just because it was done in India that it must be dirty and contaminated… That’s just like me being surprised at an American not being fat. There’s nothing to suggest that it was unhygienic. And these girls would be well aware of the risk of infection. They don’t seem stupid enough to not check out the history of the piercing place.

  8. toniaproctor says:

    I live in India and travel back and forth in America there is a risk of infection and we are extremely sterile and careful. India has very poor hygiene and it is very very risky, they are used to germs however we are not. I suggest piercing before you go that is what I did.

  9. sehrazad1987 says:


  10. HeyPlayGirl99 says:

    haha damn. i wishi had the guts to get my nose pierced in india but the risk of infection isnt worth it. i mean dont you know indians wipe with their hands JK but seriously …they do.

  11. silentalien says:

    Beauty must suffer, but the result is sooo sweet! *****

  12. 1290alison says:

    wtf ouch

  13. NewYorkBattleCat says:


    i guess he knows what hes doing idk, he must pierce hundreds a month since in india its a must for most women to have it…then again…lol

  14. ebisemakurvo says:

    this girl can have infection this way is very bad and not clean omg

  15. keribery1235 says:

    AHHHHHHH!!!!! Dang that looks -shivers-
    my stomache is turning and twisting
    it looks worse when they did my nose.

  16. PinkFluffies says:

    what tools is he using to pierce the nostrils?

  17. vedhasathy says:

    dont say like that friend, its our culture.white mutta koonaa

  18. DitDitDah says:

    No gloves, no disinfecting of the skin, jewelry being thumbed through with bare hands. Terrible.

  19. colinsphoneemail says:

    Looks dirty!! no gloves, dirty 3rd world country., did you nose get infected and fall off yet?

  20. ficklefiend says:

    Wow, the way they do it there is way longer ad more complicated than the way they do it where I went at home! Looks more painful too! You are hardcore!!

  21. IshJusMeInit says:

    kl! im gettin myne done in 3 weeks wiv ma friend!

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