Body jewelry

Piercing Both Sides of Cheeks

Body jewelry

JJ piercing a girl through the cheeks. This music is not the original music that was on this edit. Youtube flagged it before they started allowing copywritten audio. So the original track was “Odessa” by “Aesop Rock”, and there was also narration by JJ. He talked about the APP and other organizations. And how he works according to all the proper safety regulations etc.

25 responses to “Piercing Both Sides of Cheeks”

  1. lovablelily1 says:

    ok dude your clean we get it -_-

  2. SuperRodit says:

    w w w . TwilightEclipse162 . t k

  3. RawrImaEatYouNow says:

    Holy shit! That would hurt like hell!!! :O

  4. Normlpplewrryme says:

    omg was it really sore after you got that???

  5. fRedandmEizzles says:

    Ears o.o

  6. iseececi says:

    I miss my cheek piercings.

  7. ermoreno19 says:

    do not you look outstanding and put other teeth

  8. BRINNIIbaby says:

    did that shit hurt?

  9. XxXSceneTasticXxX says:

    omg i could never do that

  10. darkzerox99 says:

    @zworld84ALMA It does look painful its your face. Only freaks and retarteds do this stuff.

  11. darkzerox99 says:

    I wouldn’t do piercing on face doesn’t it cause acne?

  12. simonap17 says:

    u go gurl

  13. RachelRoughLuck says:

    very cool vid!

  14. leeleebabiii says:

    like this song tho

  15. xxpixipanicxx says:

    im getting mine done today lol how bad does it hurt?

  16. lolroflbbq20 says:

    ew shes ugly

  17. BeingShorty09 says:

    where is this guy based??

  18. chadder145 says:

    2:31 …I noticed u sharpened ur teeth??

  19. thegiorgy says:

    k bellaa!! <3<3

  20. HxCpoppunkCAAB says:

    @number1raider1993 because its your body to do as you please. its called freedom of expression. just because you think it is stupid doesnt mean we think it is everyone has there own opinion. dont talk down so people just because you dont agree

  21. Superwomen1992 says:

    Omg it look so cool 😛
    ANd when youre laughing it looks pretty cute 😉

  22. LAV3EDEN says:

    Thats kool

  23. PregnantWhaleOnE says:

    that’s sad i don’t like the jewelly :l .. :l ..

  24. slytherinsheirx says:

    I can’t imagine that… oh my.

  25. number1raider1993 says:

    why would you do tht to your body that is soo stupid

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