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nipple piercing reaction, shadylane2121

Body jewelry

Hey everyone! Guess you never knew I had such a wild streak! I used EMLA cream, I put it on for about 30-45 minutes with saran wrap and took it off right before I got pierced! Yes it did hurt a little bit, but not as much as I expected! It is sore right now and it’s about 4 hours later!

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  1. tkquel says:

    wow, girl!!! i might, but i’m not done having children so. but what made you want to get them done?

  2. AKQJ40 says:

    O K O K…WHY? What is the attraction of a pierced nipple?

  3. sexy404monica says:

    wow! i wanna get mines done, but scared! u did good girl! wat size u get?

  4. TheAsphyxiatedAngel says:

    where did u get the emla cream i’ve looked everywhere!

  5. chrisychris2 says:

    What was getting your tounge done like

  6. chrisychris2 says:

    Wht was it like when u got ur tounge done

  7. AccentedBeauty says:

    I like dat u were not only brave enuf 2 get it but also brave enuf 2 put it on Youtube! Keep doin u!

  8. MsChambers79 says:

    Girl that was bold stuff! I was holding my breath!. I want to do it, but I aint got it in me.

  9. silentalien says:

    Ouch! Beauty must suffer. Let us see the result. Hey – very sexy lips. WOW!

  10. charli617 says:

    Oh wow, u are brave shady! mine are so sensitive, i would be in tears

  11. LifeInTheSunshine says:

    Aww Shady you’re so adventurous, I love it! Once upon a time I wanted mine done, but never did…now that my buttons have headed south lol…idk how they’d look pierced nowadays:)

  12. mamakia1 says:

    omg i have been wanting to get mine pierced forever!! where did you get the cream? i’m such a baby with pain lol

  13. missfaboulsity says:

    Woohoo girl u gettin the nipples pierced! I dont even have a tatoo yet and im 34 🙂

  14. Nu2makeup1 says:

    Its not as bad as people think mine didnt hurt but they took a long time to heal but that was 4 years ago and their just fine now

  15. blaqueonyx says:

    Welcome to the club lol noethletter is right the second one HURT like hell….

  16. Blackrose081 says:

    I’m thinking about getting this done.

  17. arisdi1025 says:

    Ok, that was crazy. You are brave.

  18. annieup7 says:

    Yayyyyyy, I’m gonna get that EMLA cream. thanks for the tip and sharing

  19. missthis897 says:

    Wow! You are so brave. Im looking at your face like gosh!! My cam would have been dropped LOL I want a belly ring one day. Maybe?? LOL Was the hubby looking on?

  20. CYRINTHIA212 says:

    ouch…you have way more guts than crenging looking..o lawd im a punk

  21. ESBEAUTII says:

    is that for sexual purposes or just a fashion statment lol

  22. kneenee71 says:

    Ok you say you are sore. Is it that same soreness you get when you first start breast feeding? Or is it worse?

  23. shadylane2121 says:

    @no8thletter TY! I got barbells.

  24. shadylane2121 says:

    @blksatin01 Thanks!

  25. no8thletter says:

    hahaha this definitely reminds me of when i got mine done. the second one is a killer lol. i wish i had the common sense to use a numbing cream though. did you get bars or rings?

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