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Septum piercing and stretching FAQ

Body jewelry My septum piercing is my favorite piercing of all. I had a lot of questions asked about my stretch to 7 (11mm), so I thought I would answer a few of them and talk briefly about my experience. Some people say a septum is one of the most painful of all to have done, but for me it simply wasn’t bad at all. I would say it was the 2nd least painful I’ve had done (earlobes being the least painful). So if you are thinking of piercing or stretching your septum, MAKE SURE to go to a really legit piercer. Many inexperienced piercers will do them crooked so it’s really important to have it done by someone who has done several before. Something I didn’t talk much about is the infamous question “Why do you have it pierced and stretched if no one can see it?” The answer is that I only have it pierced for me and no one else. I knew before I had it pierced that it would never be visible and thats exactly what I wanted. Most of my friends don’t even know I have my septum pierced. The best comparison I can give would be someone with a tattoo on their back. Even though they can’t see it, they like it there, and it makes them happy. I understand how that can sound weird, but its still my favorite piercing and I like the fact that no one will ever see it, except on youtube of course : ) If you have any questions feel free to hit me up, I would be glad to help, and check out our website if you are interested in some awesome septum rings, retainers, tusks, plugs, and

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