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Tritonal Feat Christina Soto – Piercing Quiet (Chillout Mix)

Body jewelry

Tritonal Feat Christina Soto – Piercing Quiet (Chillout Mix) trance techno dance house wave rave badsha42 medina42

16 responses to “Tritonal Feat Christina Soto – Piercing Quiet (Chillout Mix)”

  1. unkowngangsta says:


  2. obronca83 says:

    zgadzam się w 100% jej głos jest piękny jak głębia oceanu nieoszlifowany diament cudo <3<3<3<3<3

  3. HanselProductions says:

    This really is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard…it’s like being taken to a different realm

  4. gudvin81 says:

    nice music and nice voice

  5. mmSodaChanh says:

    love the Air Up There remix but this is wonderful in its own way =)

  6. szop123 says:

    Zajebista nuta odpływam przy niej…..

  7. tmztt says:

    more than relaxation 🙂

  8. en109 says:

    nice 🙂

  9. ShaneDoyleYourDJ says:

    words can’t describe This tune

  10. pterius says:

    Interesting mix. Very emotional and romantic. And yeah… its amazing

  11. Madzia7cz says:


  12. TEDFX says:

    I love this song, it’s just the best.

  13. YoungFanatics says:

    Amazing.. so romantic..

  14. Coostec says:


  15. Krzyniooo says:

    yea… it’s amazing ; ]

  16. GoSSSSSrrrou says:

    Amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing !!!

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