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Piercing Quiet (Asot 398 Rip) [Lyrics] By Tritonal & Cristina Soto

Body jewelry

Beautiful Tune (^.^)

25 responses to “Piercing Quiet (Asot 398 Rip) [Lyrics] By Tritonal & Cristina Soto”

  1. flortrance says:

    @AlpherV I hope this!! jeje

  2. flortrance says:

    @tamera199 yeah!! it´s very nice I loved this tune =)

  3. tamera199 says:

    solace is(something that gives) -comfort in sorrow or trouble , i think the words go” your quiet peirces through me ,this freedom renew,it takes me to a place where the solace struck right through. but good try anyway mate , its a good song 🙂

  4. Lexxxious says:

    Dude, This is ASOT 397

  5. Lexxxious says:

    Dude, This is ASOT 397!

  6. kyliecoulter85 says:


  7. koochkooch says:

    Listen up boys and girls: open up itunes and delete all your hip hop, rap and rock tunes that people actually call “music” and run outside and let the world know that TRANCE IS KING!

  8. twista1484 says:

    @dana600RR I’m fairly certain that it’s ‘solace drops right through’

  9. N10ess says:

    If you want to download this song, get Freecoder and download it as an FLV and switch it to MP3. Or you can use Freecoder to directly record the track.

  10. dana600RR says:

    🙂 luv this tune N bright vocal…
    pls… what does she say…. ‘the solace drops right through’… or ‘the silence struck right through’ ?

  11. energizerpaul says:

    uhuuuu…wow…great tune….love it man…been listening to it for 2 days :)) over and over…

  12. saostroy says:

    Im in love with this song.. ASOT398…

  13. silkcity19 says:

    Dash Berlin Waiting is my tune of the year

  14. PaPaTorY says:


  15. ssj4jean says:

    alright i have to admit this was the best song on tiesto’s club life episode 109 dont know why its such a good track something about the beat i think its a bit uplifting still an astoninishing track tritonal did good

  16. onoharahigashi says:

    commenting again….trance like never before…..shoo, all you DJs who choose not not to have vocals…….

  17. mdp311 says:

    absolutely love this track. i could listen to for hours. but i can’t find a bloody mp3 of it!!!

  18. jaks11utube says:

    Why the #%!^ can’t I download this song???? does anyone know where I can get it… please advise

  19. LyonEchoRecords says:

    Awesome tune!

    If you dig this track, you might like a new compilation from Chephren Blake called “Dusk 2 Dawn” out on iTunes!

  20. OneTree81 says:

    great trance
    tune of the week

    one of nº 1 of the year

    Como siempre Grande Armin VB

  21. vivoex says:

    my favourite for this summer!

  22. garvanbuuren says:

    pearce cullen here
    this song gives me chills its that goos:)
    only heard it on corstens count down:)

  23. boehoe1234 says:

    what a track! cant wait till it gets released.

  24. muskiii says:

    One of the best tracks this year for sure.

  25. TranceTM says:

    this is soo melodic ,love it ^.^

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