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Dr. Yaffa Bey Breaking Down the Meaning of American Words, Disc 1……… Disc 2 Will Not Be Posted. Enjoy. HTP

19 responses to “PIERCING THE FOG PT 5 DR YAFFA BEY”

  1. Yahsgirl66 says:

    Yahshua means YAH’s Salavation, or Yahweh’s Salvation. NOT I am salvation.

  2. sixmindz1 says:


    “In His Service” is what they tell you but its really latin .. “In Hoc Signo” they leaveout Vinces. but ..”it means In this sign we will be victorious or conqure.. Hotep

  3. filmtress says:

    Look up Jesuits and it says equivocal. Lending to the right to deceive the people.

  4. rastheking says:

    i think she said the strong’s dictionary concordance. alot od bibles have a dictionary condordance.

  5. rastheking says:

    in spanish, its pronounced “hey zeus”. watch the die hard movie with samuel L jackson

  6. rastheking says:

    she quickly mentioned how spanish people pronounce the name “hey-zeus”. If you watch the Die hard movie with Sam jackson, you will see how the terms are connected. By the way, Jackson being called Zeus might be a subliminal message that he was a race hating devil, a image he perpetuated in the movie Lakeview Terrace.

  7. zuzuxwater says:

    Bobby Hemmit talks about the name Jesus connected to devil,reseach it youself.Hotep

  8. LuminousPath13 says:

    Jupiter is the Roman interpretation of the god Zeus. So it’s probably a bit younger than the word Zeus.

  9. LordDeimos775 says:

    Here’s another one……..”JEDI.” “JEsuit DIsciple.

  10. Ezkeel says:

    The true name of the man we call Jesus is most likely Yay Shu Ahh.
    This means I am salvation.
    Why the name change from Yay Shu Ahh in Aramaic… To Jesus in english. Most likely it came from the Greek god Zeus. The Greeks did write the new testament after all.

  11. Ezkeel says:

    deuce = devil
    deuce = deus
    deus = zeus
    zeus = supreme god of the greeks.
    Q: Who wrote the new testament?
    A: Greeks
    Jesus as a name could not exist for the respectful person we think we are referring to when we use that name because etymologically speaking…The letter J didn’t exist in Aramaic language (language he would have spoken). therefore it is only logical to connect the dots and recognize that GEE Zeus is actually the name of a Greek god and not the actual man we are referring to.

  12. hagnuj says:

    How old is the word Jupiter?

  13. vairocana23 says:

    I.H.S. is the abbreviation used by The Society of Jesus commonly known as “The Jesuits”.

  14. krav1ngfish says:

    from L. Iupeter, from PIE *dyeu-peter- “god-father” from *deiw-os “god” (see divine (adj.)) + peter “father” in the sense of “male head of a household.” Cf. Gk. Zeu pater, vocative of Zeus pater “Father Zeus;” Skt. Dyauspita “heavenly father.”
    Zeus=from Gk., from PIE *dewos- “god” (cf. L. deus “god,” O. Pers. daiva- “demon, evil god,” O.C.S. deivai, Skt. deva-), from base *dyeu- “to gleam, to shine;” also the root of words for “sky” and “day

  15. LordDeimos775 says:

    Jupiter + Zeus = Jesus. This is the ULTIMATE spell that the Amorites have cast on us.

  16. 3rdEYEbeHolder says:

    She didn’t got into the explanation why Jesus is connected to Zeus. Some people in the audience already knew so she went past it a lit 2 fast

  17. 3rdEYEbeHolder says:

    I.H.S = Isis Horus Set

  18. rjohson says:

    i dint make the connection from jesus to zeus to ; i do see that deuce means devil but how does it connect to jesus

  19. mailw1n says:

    9:17 ????
    10:22 the ????

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