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Snakebites (lip piercing)

Body jewelry

Sterling gets snakebites lip piercing for his birthday. :]

25 responses to “Snakebites (lip piercing)”

  1. JxOxTxSxB says:

    i loveee his eyeessss. he should dye his hair lighter thooo.

  2. gfneeded1 says:

    @angelasloat your a freak..

  3. dancelover296 says:

    hes really cuttteeeee haha

  4. DINOSAYRAWR1795 says:

    You’re hot. & your hair is gorgeous!

  5. kandykissangel says:

    He looks like Zac Efron xD

  6. TheSweetgirlina says:

    Mmmm Look At That Juice Lip! I Wanna Lick Those Snake Bites for Yuw..!!

  7. weheartcupcakes says:

    he is the brunette Zac Efron

  8. mimibeanable says:

    He’s cute:3

  9. skittlesmonstah says:

    sexy!! :3

  10. puertorican0000 says:

    ur hott 😉

  11. dexownsyou says:

    Sexxxy : )))))

  12. ilikesexyboys101 says:

    Wow ur hot

  13. hihelloheyitsemily says:

    they look crooked.

  14. yomoma798 says:

    SEXXAY we could could get stuck together if u wanna

  15. TurdCricket says:


  16. kruza118 says:


  17. xbmthxfan says:

    I want snakebites!

  18. EffyPattinsonx says:

    he didn’t even seem bothered when it was getting done lol.

  19. ThreeDaysGrace021 says:

    Sweeet! I want these very badly o__o

  20. xXstarsfallXx says:

    Yer really hottt :3 xx

  21. Threedaysgraace13 says:

    Dude your fuckin hair is awesome 😛

  22. PurpleMonkeyJuice says:

    why did it stick out ,and the other one was in ?

  23. livloveshorses0913 says:

    You are really cute like cuter than jb

  24. woka444 says:

    Notiiceee, how mostly all hot guys get lip piercings? O_O

  25. SmileyGirlOo says:

    omg, your like, more cute then jb. 😀

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