Body jewelry


Body jewelry

Dr. Yaffa Bey Breaking Down the Meaning of American Words, Disc 1……… Disc 2 Will Not Be Posted. Enjoy. HTP

14 responses to “PIERCING THE FOG PT 6 DR YAFFA BEY”

  1. Standardfrank says:

    @nastyblock : have u broken your oath & gone back to church after 10 months? eye hope u don’t….DO LOOK UP THE WORD CRETIN…PEACE!

  2. timotds says:

    The heathen were those who did not follow the organized pastoral and fertility religions…they dealt with nature…etc.

  3. saltycreefer says:

    I been working on the connection. But if I don’t make it, enjoy paradise 🙂

  4. luxhelix says:

    stock up on ya sun block & any other unnatural synthetics,or try to get back in the planets good graces,i dont thinl mother earth is feeling you tamahu!

  5. saltycreefer says:

    What about MEEEE!!!???? I hope i get a pass!!!!

  6. luxhelix says:

    What ever the case,He’s gotta go! Im hoping the sun will take his nasty ass out!

  7. MoorMuzic says:

    Excellent lecture, ISLAM

  8. saltycreefer says:

    The “white man” is at war with EVERYONE including their brothers & sisters. Race has no barrier. It’s not just brown skinned people.

  9. beyallluv says:

    This is some true scholar shit!

  10. Penabiri says:

    The Encyclopedia Of Witchcraft & Demonology on Amazon.

  11. nastyblock says:

    deep im never going to church again

  12. septube26 says:

    Black People unknowing are praying to the white man… we keeping this thing going, but not realizing it, the enemy didn’t teach us well, but why would he when he knows we are at war, black people are the only people unaware the white man is at war with us….. wake up black people!!!

  13. SunnuAkkad says:

    She’s good!

  14. rastheking says:

    where can i buy her tapes cuz none of the volume will play for me

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