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Tongue Piercing Aftercare

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Basically what the title says =) How to care for piercing and the after affects =) .x Bebo: Facebook: Songs: DISCLAIMER: I am aware that I do not own any rights to this song or the lyrics. All credit goes to the artists and the publishers.

25 responses to “Tongue Piercing Aftercare”

  1. 1MarsTS says:

    they only tell you not to consume alcohol because for certain people it stings , as well as some alcohols contain yeast such as beer, and you shouldn’t consume yeast in the healing period. alcohol consumption is completly fine. i used listerine for the first week , just dilute it with 50% water, and 50% listerine

  2. XoMagolinoXo says:

    your listening to the best song evveer. mayday parade<33 and btw your videos were helpful so thankks :]

  3. popstargurl241 says:

    @oxlisalouxo haha and i thought i was the only one who had straight teeth and wanted braces i mostly want the for the bottom teeth ha

  4. iiLulu10 says:

    true…i did think about it and now it isn’t that far away. i was getting ahead of myself.

  5. waddalovah says:

    @iiLulu10 why? thats so short. gives you time to relle think, and save up for it.

  6. iiLulu10 says:

    did you ever get that tongue piercing? and how did your mom act? i’m wanting mine done soon but my 18th is on may 4th…i’m not waiting that long haha

  7. ViCT0RiASECRET says:

    You’re not supposed to use listerine because of the alcohol present in it.. yeah it’s a great disinfectant BUTTT because the alcohol kills all of the bacteria, it makes you more prone to infection because bacteria are attracted to CLEAN places (i.e your tongue after using listerine).. I mean, I’m sure you could use 50/50 water and listerine but make sure to cancel the alcohol out after with some warm salt water.

  8. sj09brownie says:

    im gettin myn on sunday hopefully, my mums gonna kill me too but im gonna try to hide it for as long as possible

  9. Mardariuslovekj says:

    i love this song…..when can i kiss or tounge kiss

  10. FinalFantasyX2Freak says:

    Dairy carries bacteria in it and that can make the piercing get infected.

  11. toposeasher says:

    They only say not to use alcohol based mouth washes because it might sting the pierced area, causing you pain. However, if you water it down 50/50 you shouldn’t feel a thing.

  12. imadarkduelist says:

    wooo u look like rikku from final fantasy x-2 lol thanks for the advce a jst got mine dun today 🙂

  13. doggybile says:

    No problem! :]

  14. funkeymonkey993 says:

    Thanks 😛

  15. oxlisalouxo says:

    Hey, Ive got straight teeth too and I dont need braces, and nothing has happened to my teeth apart from them being slightly chipped at the back of my mouth – but thats only cause I play with the metal bar which I shouldnt lol. P.s. I want braces too! I love them =D x

  16. xXxEmOmAzInGxXx says:

    So does it lyke Jack upp yur teeth?? Kuzz meh teeth ar straight nd I don’t need braces (I wunt them tho! Yea I kno I’m weird) Nd meh frendz frend is doing itt fer meh.

  17. doggybile says:

    You apparently can get thrush (a yeast infection) on your tongue. But I got mine done 4 days ago, and I’ve been eating dairy, and i’m fine so far. :]

  18. mzNolove08 says:

    I got mines 2days ago. my tongue wasnt swollen, I could talk and eat immediatley after and I mouthwash after everything I eat =]

  19. funkeymonkey993 says:

    im thinking of getting mine done but im going to do it myself coz iv doen 8 piecings myself including 2 nose piecings 😛 coukld some 1 maby tell me y u cant eat dairy ? 🙂 jst wondering 🙂

  20. Brittaby0228 says:

    ur not suppost to have dairy till its healed

  21. yomamastank808 says:

    sea salt sounds good im thinking of having my tongue peirced again i did it my self when i was 16 it was great until my uncle found out and told my mom

  22. CrystalOverdose says:

    i knoww lol

  23. vyxen83 says:

    well i just got my tongue pierced last night and well didnt hurt when my piercer did it but afterwards it did a bit its swollen now but when i use listerine it didnt sting guess everyone is different im gonna try sea salt to see

  24. brittanyummy8 says:

    I got mine done last nighttt!
    I cant freaking eat like anything!
    I can hardly drink water cuz its sooo swollen!
    But I love itt.aha
    I’m in major trouble with my parents!aha
    But it was worth itt 😀

  25. HelloxBritty says:

    I got mine 2 days ago,and this morning the pain was unbarable, oh gawd…so i used orijel worked for a bit, then my mommy got me a milk shake and it felt so ,much better. its sore, it feels like its ripping when i swallow becaus eit on a slant, mine isent thta swollon, but when it is, i see teeth marks on the side. guess its big

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