Body jewelry

Industrial Piercing (Lots of Cussing)

Body jewelry

Ouch, but it was so worth it! Special thanks to Shawn at Living Canvas who always does my piercings and tattoos! (A little shameless advertising here) Check him out at or 770 E. 6th St. Suite E. Beaumont, CA 92223 at the corner of 6th. and Palm Ave.! Call (951)769-4048 for more info.

25 responses to “Industrial Piercing (Lots of Cussing)”

  1. CurseOfVirginCanvas says:

    When I got the cartilage pierced on my ear I threatened to punch the guy in the face (I was kidding of course) I’m going to get an Industrial in a few months, but it looks like it’s 10x more painful. X_X

    Love the ringtone btw, Wait and bleed by Slipknot, one of my favorites <3

  2. steffspms says:

    @shawnmeyers Hey Shawn! Hope you got a chance to read through all the comments & compliments people left about you, haha. give me your new info so I can shamelessly self-plug you in the description box. I also have to give you a call soon cuz I have another tattoo idea I’d love for you to do for me if you would 🙂

  3. shawnmeyers says:

    Hey Stephanie how have you been…thanx for letting me do your piercing. Your awesome.

  4. Yaveleth says:

    oh my, those black gloves look kinda creepy! 🙂

  5. ilovepaul55 says:

    i would have cried!lol it looks sexy!but painful!i like your teeth too like fangs haha and that guys funny you too!

  6. kimnfamily says:

    I totally commiserate. I have a very high threshold for physical pain and my industrial piercing hurt more than anything I can remember. At all. Cartilage piercing is hardcore!

  7. xoxostephanie101 says:

    thats wierd because i barley even felt the first one! but the second one hurt like a bitch!

  8. kb15151 says:

    i got mine done like 3 weeks ago and it bleed horribly! It didn’t hurt when they did it but it hurt after..still hurts now. My piercer said that i can hurt up to 3 or 4 months!

  9. TheKikyo1234 says:

    how long does it take 4 it 2 heal ??????????

  10. chrisskater5 says:

    Lol holy fuck that was funny as shit

  11. willhall280 says:

    I’ve had my industrial for almost 6 years now. Out of everything I have done this is my most favorite one and the most painful. My piercer told me the same thing yours told you about having hard ears lol. Mine bled a lot too. It looks really cute on you!

  12. steffspms says:

    that’s so weird! haha i googled “industrial piercing” but my pic didn’t come up.

  13. LostInWonderland says:

    Holy fuck! I went to google images to show my mom what I wanted and what it looks like, and I’m 99.9% sure that the picture I showed her is the one at the end!

  14. vanity684 says:

    how did you get rid of them?

  15. lyriclover1 says:

    it’s not uncommon for it to bleed,I’ve seen people bleed a lot more than that b4

  16. UrMomLikesThat says:

    Your piercer was awesome.

  17. LyOnSgUrL1211 says:

    it’s cute one you! My piercer told me that it wasn’t supposed to bleed when you got it done so some one is wrong..weirdd,,

  18. thecookiemonzter says:

    pssh dude my bleed for a day striaght and i have five keloids be luky man

  19. TyrannosaurusTastic says:

    haha this made me laugh i got mine done and it didn’t hurt at all.

  20. krazy987654 says:

    And the dude who pierced her ear is funny tooo

  21. krazy987654 says:

    lmfao when she said oh fuck at the beggining it had me dyinggg

  22. XavengedguitarmanX says:

    slipknot 😀

  23. starfira1026 says:

    it looks hot…i cant wait to get mines next week… btw love ur ringtone.

  24. mineagain says:

    lol ” i think my butt’s sweaty too” lmao. i wanna get one. yours cute.

  25. destiny2450 says:

    well she has a great ring tone

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