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Snakebites Piercing

Body jewelry

Me getting snakebites :] My piercer’s channel is

25 responses to “Snakebites Piercing”

  1. purplemonkey961 says:

    that looks really cute 🙂
    how much did u pay for it?
    cuz everybody is saying the rings r cheaper but i just wanna make sure before i get my snake bites ^^

  2. JOHNCENASEXY97 says:

    i wont it soo bad but my mom wont let me but i am trying to talk her into it

  3. XcindylovesyouX says:

    did it hurt?

  4. RiseAgainstZombies says:

    Same thing happened to me… Haha. Oh well… I’ma get my snakebites sooner or later. XD

  5. EjAy18100 says:


  6. LongJohnLolita says:

    @edwardnbella96 depends on wear you go. The place im gunna get mine done only costs $65 australian :]

  7. FireryEmoSkittlez says:

    @2mustanggt yesh…duh!

  8. leyhan1234 says:

    what do u think is the level of pain becuz i want them and i cried when i got my ears pierced hahaha BUT i was seven

  9. MilaFreaky says:

    WOW!!! O_O

  10. chik1920 says:

    3 weeks? the guy that did mine told me to wait 6!! looks really cute by the way!

  11. yrm27 says:

    SCiiSSORS ???


    i love snakebites but i want spider bitess!

  13. 506prettylady says:

    I agree. I got my 2nd lip pericing done and it still hurts a bit but not aw bad as I remember when I got my 1st one done.

  14. 506prettylady says:

    I dont have snake bites but I do have the middle and and bottem right done. Eventually I want to get the other side done as well. I love my lip being peirced! I also have 9 other spots peirced as well excluding my lip. So in total I have 11 peircings altogether! They are just so awsome!!! <3

  15. numbaoneandysixxfan says:

    uhh i want snakebiteess so badd. im gueesssing theyy hurtt alott?

  16. PandaBear0842 says:


  17. emoninjapanda18 says:

    Ugh I want snakebites so badly but my mom won’t let me get them and everywhere I go they say I need a parent or comfirmed permission. D:<

  18. aravis123 says:

    i got my snakebites today. can i drink softdrinks or something?or is it bad?

  19. CertifiedRealSwag says:

    she looks good with them

  20. meolas says:

    Those look amazingg on herr i lovee em

  21. cashmerekc says:

    lol tht sucks
    the best snakebites r the free ones

  22. drawingmaster says:

    Depends on the sizes and the location of your place lol
    Our place charges 40

  23. crazzygirl385 says:


  24. rmch1996 says:

    does it hurt coz i’ve been thinking of getting some but…i’m scared of needles XD LoL i have 2 peircings on each ear and that didn’t hurt much

  25. CompiliationJett says:


    I go to public school, and it’s against dress code. Even having the retainers in is.

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