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How to clean a Belly Button Piercing

Body jewelry

How to clean a new belly piercing

25 responses to “How to clean a Belly Button Piercing”

  1. thaliaaxoxxo says:

    lmao yer funny, & thanks for the tipps (;

  2. OmgItsNicky13 says:

    Who care…No one perfect!

  3. OmgItsNicky13 says:

    You are welcome 🙂 Oh thats good 🙂

  4. DestanMad says:

    My piercer told me to just use antibacterial soap to clean it?!

  5. Kellyzxsa says:

    heyyy thanks !! But the real problem was that i didn’t moved the ring so my top ring was almost under my skin. But i went to a doctor and now everything is just perfect. 🙂

  6. thatisbayleeboo says:

    @Kellyzxsa NO NO NO! all wrong it may not be infected but it could be rejecting deff dont want that!

  7. thatisbayleeboo says:

    @Sebell0013 this is true. wait 6months before taking it our or changing it. dont use salt at all! it dries your skin and it will reject the piercing! use dial gold antibacterial soap. !!!!!! take a clean qtip and go around the holes gently DO NOT slide ur piercing or turning like shes doing. after u get soap around the holes AND the area around your belly button then rince all of the soap off. if you have redness get palmers coco butter and rub it on the middle section skin not by the holes!

  8. thatisbayleeboo says:

    1. salt can dry the skin out. i know that because it rejected mine a year after i got it. use dial soap and a qtip. glass carries bacteria. your skin already looks like its rejecting. stop using that stuff! stick with antibacteria gold dial handsoap. then rince the soap off.

  9. nicoleboo91 says:

    @sebell0013 I got my belly pierced today nd my piercer said it takes about 4-6months to heal all the way BUT I cn change it n 3months so I guess if u change it n 3months dnt leave it out jus chnage it real quick or u cn wait till it’s all the way healed

  10. rollercoasterrush says:

    when this video was made, how long did you have if for?

  11. Sebell0013 says:

    Ummm, ma’am, not to be rude, but I think the reason your belly button ring is red is because you’re playing with it a LOT during the video.
    I actually thought you’re supposed to wait 6 months until you can change it… is that true? O.O

  12. OmgItsNicky13 says:

    You can’t use Hygrogen peroxide and ointment because it can cause irritation and lengthen overall healing time. SO thats why it cause your skin to getting white because hygrogen peroxide and ointment kill the white cell. THATS NOT GOOD!!!!! you should look up on the website than listening to your percer!

  13. abzkebabz1 says:

    bactine is really abd, all sites ive looked on say you shouldnt use it.

  14. Kellyzxsa says:

    hey i got my belly button pierced before a week ago. The first days everything was fine but now at the top is really read and its very sore i have been cleaning with Hygrogen peroxide and Jodasept ( ointment ) (my percer told me that ) but i thing it’s a little bit early to move it and i noticed that a little bitt of white stuff around it… I’m very worried, it is an infection?

  15. Sabby9523 says:

    @xoCityLightsox same for my piercer..

  16. roxanna1806 says:

    where do you get the “bactine” spray? i took a trip to cvs… they don’t have it. any other suggestions?

  17. xomonicaxoxo says:

    i just got mine done today. ehh it hurtss! u playing with it like that makes me queezey

  18. xoCityLightsox says:

    @bri358 My piercer gave me the spray right after I got it pierced. She does that for all my piercings.

  19. xoCityLightsox says:

    @courtneybabie101 It’s totally normal.
    The stuff coming out happened to me and I’ve had mine for about 5 months. It’s normal and don’t worry about it. =)

  20. xoCityLightsox says:

    @courtneybabie101 It’s totally normal.
    The stuff coming out happened to me and I’ve had mine for about 5 months. It’s normal and don’t worry about it. =)

  21. courtneybabie101 says:

    i was just wondering i got my belly done about 7 days ago everything was fine but not the top is really read and its very sore i have been cleaning it very well but before i was moving it and i noticed that a little white stuff was coming out. is this an infection and should i go see my piercer and doctor for antibiodics or should i stay put if this is normal? thanks if anyone could give me some advice cos i really want to keep my piercing.

  22. sgiac801 says:

    @LVbeauty you’re right about the soap, but in most cases it’s not necessary to wait 6 months- 1 year before you change it (depends on the person and how quickly they heal). also you SHOULD move it around (in an out only) after you put cleaning solution on it so that it gets inside the hole as well and heals it internally and so the skin doesn’t attach to it but don’t play with it or move it around too much.

  23. bri358 says:

    thats not correct.. use a mixture of exactly 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt and 1 cup of water to clean it.. do not boil the water either.. and do not use spray either & you cant take it out until 9 months to a year.unless a professional does it..not good… go find info from a PROFESSIONAL

  24. sparksandmatches says:

    You’re pretty as f**k.. =]

  25. ttaayylloorr1414 says:

    if you think hers is crooked you should see mine!! the needle wouldnt go though my skin and she wasnt using a clamp so when she jammed it through for the third time it went in crooked 🙁

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