Body jewelry

hip piercing maz

Body jewelry

18th birthday present to myself[:

25 responses to “hip piercing maz”

  1. mazduhh says:

    @mpcisnero Like omg reallyyyy? no way …

  2. mpcisnero says:

    Thats a DERMAL piercing

  3. TheBrittanyPhantom says:

    @mazduhh awesome =)

  4. mazduhh says:

    @TheBrittanyPhantom Thats what I want! I’ll get them eventually.

  5. TheBrittanyPhantom says:

    imagine getting four on your hips =) fun fun.

  6. evann1621 says:

    rejection rate for dermals is only 2 percent

  7. mazduhh says:

    @sizerful lol.

  8. sizerful says:

    0.46 she is a very sensitive and sensible girl . I like that

  9. sizerful says:

    great , on 0.46

  10. KikisPassion says:

    I love that! Very cute on you. Id get mine done, but I dont think itd look right. :/

  11. grnclover404 says:

    @tuollaf but u watched it ddnt u!?! haha FUNNY KID!!

  12. mazduhh says:

    @tuollaf Im glad you think so[:

  13. tuollaf says:

    what a dumb attention whore

  14. mazduhh says:

    @1nanaytony3 Thanks<3

  15. igorstates says:

    wow you are so brave

  16. mazduhh says:

    @ilovetexasranger correct, I have a micro dermal piercing. A bar goes under the skin and comes out on two sides. I opted to do dermals instead cause the rejection rate is much less.

  17. ilovetexasranger says:

    thats just the one like stud? it’s not the bar ?

  18. mazduhh says:

    @Rambo18Colt ..You are able to change the gem/rinestone to diff colors, ect.

  19. Rambo18Colt says:

    :S im looking to get this done? but i dont understand how could you put those in and out? like if your looking to change them?

  20. dweebzzz says:

    how long was the healing process for those?

  21. Anei888Zotto says:

    Yours look really pretty I can’t wait to get mine!

  22. mazduhh says:


  23. xkristinbby says:

    did they numb them?

  24. xkristinbby says:

    they can reject, but it rarely happens. ive watched youtube videos and this chick had to take them out with a needle 😡

  25. lucytyuiop says:

    i love the arm piercings in the piercer!!!!

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