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Vertical Labret aka Angel Kiss Piercing

Body jewelry

this is me gettin my 18th piercing… my vertical labret aka angel kiss. the piercer is my friend simon, who ive known for many years … before he was a piercer/tattooist. im hysterical because of the faces that hes making as hes marking my lip. this is my first vid on here, and i hope you enjoy it!

25 responses to “Vertical Labret aka Angel Kiss Piercing”

  1. MORGIEjizzm0uf says:

    Oh and wtf? My piercer didn’t clamp my lip when I got mine O.O That must’ve made it way more painful.

  2. MORGIEjizzm0uf says:

    @fazteri63 I have a vertical labret. My piercer never mentioned “angel kiss piercing” I’ve never even heard of it called that o.O But it doesn’t hurt, really, that much at all. It was a quick sharp pain that goes away in like 2 seconds, and it’s not even that bad. The most important thing when getting a piercing is to not tense up, be nervous or constrict, because that naturally amplifies pain. They’ll make you breathe in, and it’ll be over before you know it.

  3. atreyu947 says:

    Looks nice(:
    I want one but not sure if I want a vertical labret or just a normal one..

  4. fazteri63 says:

    I want one Did it hurt much?
    You look amazing 🙂

  5. Vampira86 says:

    I agree she isn’t ugly she just needs to pluck her eyebrows 🙂

  6. lollawlzXD says:

    you’re pretty.

  7. MadSin01 says:

    What is the difference between Angel kiss And a Vertical Labret? Does it have to do with the type of piercing or something? Or are they the same just called differently by ppl? I want to get my done.But i want to be sure. Anyways It looks nice on u hun (:

  8. Sparrow1639 says:

    She’s a pretty girl and it’s a kickass piercing.Looks good on her.

  9. aaliyahandana124 says:

    @Katerynale i know
    im pretty sure i was talking to someone that was calling them angle bites..

  10. Katerynale says:

    @aaliyahandana124 It says angel kiss dumbasssssssssssss 🙂

  11. IxBeautifulDeathxI says:

    Looks so awesome! I’m thinking about getting mine pierced, you make it look simple! lol. I’m still a tad nervous though…

  12. miszlaurenful says:

    that lookd so painless lol that piecer did a good job =]

  13. dtwbtl says:

    I’m very seriously considering getting this done. How bad is the swelling?

  14. ASHLEY031696 says:

    that’s just a vertical laubret…angel kiss or bite are 1 monroe piercing on each side above ur lip.

  15. blackdiamond842 says:

    Heyyy No. Offence …. Get on Clit as well ….. We Love that….. I got one at lip as yours but onleft side… Vertical Piercing Rocks..

  16. itslauralove says:

    Briniiii!!! You’re so pretty, hon! Also… pretty sure that I’m ready to get my lip done. 🙂 Should you ever get another repo tat, you should have someone video it so all of us chat members can watch you have repo-ink. ;D


  17. Brenduhhhhh says:

    First off, anyone who calls her ugly is just a bitch.
    Secondly, this chick is one of my dear friends and she is beautiful inside and out. She kicks ass and she’s real.
    She’s not some fake scene bitch like you see on other piercing videos.

    Love you Bri! Keep kicking ass. <3

  18. camaseutra says:

    He’s wearing my favorite bands hat. Rammstein. Lol. I really like your piercing. It’s cute and looks good on you.

  19. cindy199213 says:

    I’m getting mine tomorrow

  20. electric6jess says:

    i just got mine done its 2 days old and i can barely notice it already 😀 x

  21. 4bidenSkyProductions says:

    Am I right? And did it hurt much?

  22. 4bidenSkyProductions says:

    This seems like it would be the most painful to heal… cuz when you’d eat… yeahh..

  23. AnExoticBeauty says:

    That’s awesome. I’m a big fan of piercings myself.
    It looked like it turned out great too.

  24. imissmyblanky09 says:

    i tried poking the top of my lip with a safety pin to see if it hurt and it did hurt more than my snakebites did so mmm how did it feel? same as regular piercings? how was healing?

  25. Tropikazoo7 says:

    Micro cuts from Muse is playing in the background <3

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