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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – SpecOps – Armor Piercing

Body jewelry

Jack and Geoff finally finish their last Spec Op in Modern Warfare 2. Join them in holding hands while they complete “Armor Piercing” and then cry in each other’s arms.

25 responses to “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – SpecOps – Armor Piercing”

  1. The1337Killer says:

    its SPECIAL ops not SPECK ops (ops=operations)

  2. gigigogogo says:

    I get 3 star with solo

  3. halo2dom3nat10n says:

    how come you guys dnt change your secondary either

  4. MrEzio11 says:

    You two are hilarious!!

  5. Unhumanhardstyle says:

    so funny man, juggerNUTshot :L :L

  6. koolkid21ful says:

    Geoff and Jack are the best partners for acheivment hunter. U guys r SOOOOO funny.

  7. guppy1997 says:

    i did this alone on veteren in 7 minutes

  8. JR381994 says:

    69 haha

  9. Mevarit says:

    I did this ALONE in 5:23 minutes! Nearly the half of the time you needed. Watch my channel if you don’t trust me. I did it.

  10. chybella says:

    Please someone help me beat this been at it forever and stil cant beat it ( Im a female so please help me … just messege me and let me know if you can help thanks


    jack:there we go theres the achivement star 69
    geoff:hahaha hmhm 69 🙂

  12. lolcopter97 says:

    they should call this spec ops defend the castle 😀

  13. damatt11dog says:

    hey every1 some guy named airsoftman1132 has videos like this its really cool im not sayin sub him or snything but just check it out o btw theres new vids coming out of him and mw2

  14. TheVendetta116 says:

    This is a pretty easy spec op, just camp with barret on the very first set of steps and wait, i did this on solo

  15. thesmartMw2dude says:

    Do you know that there is an ammo create under geoff hinding spot

  16. JulianIsInsideYou says:

    “is that the biggest one in Modern Warfare 2?”
    “hahaha 69… ahahaha”
    “good- good answer, awesome jackass -.-“

  17. gotshotdown says:

    @PyroSpartanM98 does it matter?

  18. PyroSpartanM98 says:

    @gotshotdown I read the first sentence of your comment and said “yes you are. its spelled retarded.”

  19. thebehmont1 says:

    Jugger-nutshot lmao Geoff and Jack are hilarious! love ’em! (not in the gay way)

  20. gotshotdown says:

    boy i must be extremely retarted. I always tried to work my way to the helipad at the top of the oil rig. I never thought about sitting there. I did get it done by myself going up to that helipad, but damn i could have had it done sooner doing it that way.

  21. TheNewFrank says:

    haha me and my friend made it in 9:42yeeee

  22. hokage102364 says:

    u actually this ones easy my friend and i beat this first time just using the snipers lol we wored our way to the helipad and jus camped on it

  23. iMacStuff says:

    Jack – “Is that the biggest one in uhh, mw2?
    Geoff – “huhuhu, sixty niiiine”

  24. MultiDemon55 says:

    shit i hate this mission

  25. seanclark123 says:

    Beat it with one person, lol Cant beeat anyother echo spec ops thogh. Gt is ZiggyAteYoBabeh, add me

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