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Body jewelry

Dr. Yaffa Bey Breaking Down the Meaning of American Words, Disc 1……… Disc 2 Will Not Be Posted. Enjoy. HTP

12 responses to “PIERCING THE FOG PT 7 DR YAFFA BEY”

  1. TheELSABA says:

    I think Sr Yaffa is beautiful

  2. dhaddox says:

    man=old english manna=hebrew mana=maori
    not really related

  3. filmtress says:

    Me too. I put it out there in the universe. I said “I just want to know the truth”. And boy did it start coming in. I heard someone of credible authority said “Be careful what you ask for”. He said you might ask for the truth but not be prepared for it. I think it was Dr. Delbert Blair. Look him up on YouTube.

  4. baddpiratemusik says:


  5. rastheking says:

    lol nice guys finish last!!!

  6. hagnuj says:

    droppin bombs 9:15-9:22

  7. LordDeimos775 says:

    If I were given the task of putting together a Super Melanated Dream Team……..this Empress would DEFINITELY be a part of it!!!!!

  8. rjohson says:

    sister are you saying that the true meaning of a word in the dictionary is the definition that are contained in the brackets??/ because some words are not in brackets

  9. rjohson says:

    you know what i prayed and prayed and prayed for god jesus or whoever to reveal the truth to me, because all i wanted to know was the truth. and with what you just explained sista; i have never had truth revealed to me like this in my entire life.

  10. stahhr says:

    asante sana for posting these videos. DNA explosions for real!

  11. septube26 says:

    this is awesome!! There are two creation stories in the bible anyway. One is the creation of man, god created man- male and female and the second creation story is when man(female,male) created Adam and Eve who are man kind (the white man kind and woman kind) Wake up black people!!

  12. semnekar says:

    Bells & whistles of evolution are going off in many minds right now!

    Utmost high is relieving the secrets of the cosmos to awaken us so we can get the hell off this 3rd rock from the sun.

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