Body jewelry

Throwing trimming & Piercing a 2 piece clay pot on the wheel

Body jewelry

Ingleton Pottery Throwing trimming & Piercing a 2 piece clay pot on the wheel.

21 responses to “Throwing trimming & Piercing a 2 piece clay pot on the wheel”

  1. blackhawk5112 says:

    how did your dad lose his hand

  2. TheDraindeimo says:

    So i have a question, whenever im on the wheel i like to have everything centered, even when trimming (im a semi-novice) and i noticed when you where trimming it wasnt too evenly centered.
    whats the correct way?

  3. XxgodswarxX says:

    @joealanouf make a video and show us just how easy it is

  4. lpparanoia says:

    how long do you let the piece dry before you start cutting into it? and also where can I get that triangle metal tool like the one you use? also great videos.

  5. sullicorbitt says:

    This is pure genius!

  6. TheLyricalRAP says:

    So cool, I wanna make one now.

    Is this a decorative piece or for something else?

    I like your work.

  7. cafluffull says:

    how many pounds did you use? it looks about pound and a half? thanks!
    Michelle, Canada

  8. pillsburydo says:

    How do you pierce it so perfectly?

  9. gcherryblossom says:

    Wow, you are amazing!

  10. leeuw666 says:

    nice work!!
    wath tool do you use for cutting the pieces?
    Gerda, Belguim

  11. yyf147258 says:

    Search “Happy Rob Buy” by google ,and you will find amazing.

  12. youdanxxx says:

    I use a piece of a hack saw blade sharpened to a point.
    That’s all.

  13. joealanouf says:

    so ez

  14. kroraven says:

    That is really nice work! Thanks I hope I can do it some day!;-)

  15. adlesk54 says:

    Beautiful work. I would also like to know what type of tool you prefer for piercing the clay? Look forward to your videos!
    Regards, Sue.

  16. credenza1 says:

    great work.

  17. potterybyjohn says:

    Very nice work. I like the “keying in” so the user knows how to replace the lid. Always a good feature.

  18. zippymontana says:

    Thanks for the video. can you comment on your trimming tools. Are they handmade or purchased?

  19. vladhogan says:

    Very nice. *****

  20. DirtKickerStudio says:

    You’re pretty darn good at piercing.

  21. cafluffull says:

    wow…this is amazing..i’ll have to try this soon…thanks!

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