Body jewelry

getting my eyebrow pierced!

Body jewelry

getting my eyebrow pierced

25 responses to “getting my eyebrow pierced!”

  1. marllely2 says:

    hehe you looked pretty nervous^^

  2. Fckuimemanny says:

    @InsanityMuch i know i hate that . especially if you get like a lip piercing for guys . or tongue piercing .

  3. iFlyAsFukk says:

    dude your lucky she did your easy and quick.

  4. davieholifield says:

    Her Earring is a circle

  5. fallenspirit54 says:

    did it hurt getting ur eyebrow pierced?

  6. sexybuttercup96 says:

    does it hurt

  7. dungeoneer says:

    nice one, very quick piercing.

  8. InsanityMuch says:

    @chanstahh Actually, I don’t see how having a piece of metal shoved through a certain side of your face automatically makes you ‘gay’, y’know?

  9. serrano509 says:

    @nightlunatic696 you cant really say that because you dont know what he/she looks like either.

  10. Tamsyn4Yooh says:

    Really Really Want Mine Done Now …..x

  11. TheGsmallz says:

    it looks like she did a good job. where did you get it done? i’m planing on getin one too tryin to make sure i go to the right place?

  12. TheOn3LeftBehind says:

    No one says that anymore. It’s a past thing so when someone wanted to know if you were gay they would look at what side your piercing was on. This was back in the 70s and such.

  13. MissDianaxo says:

    Get it done on what side feels more comfortable for you.
    I wanted left at first, but I ended up getting the right side cuz it suited me better.
    Take into consideration things like, what side you sleep on, what side your bangs are on, if you have a favourite side, etc.
    Forget what others say; if you haven’t noticed, ppl get it on what side they like.
    Pick any side you like, screw what others say. It’s for you. =)
    Go for it, it’s an amazing piercing- definitely my fav!

  14. technicfan says:

    you’re prettttyyyyy(:

  15. DeathByMurdero0o says:

    stress does that, the piercings bleed more when your scared or stressed

  16. sexinesswithfangs says:

    @SkittleZlovablefreak mine bled too, but only for about 10 min. it all depends on the person. doesnt hurt AT ALL. lolz. im going back to where i got it done for snakebites.

  17. nightlunatic696 says:

    if you think getting your eyebrow pierced is white trash, I think you should take a long hard look in the mirror so you can see what white trash really looks like.

  18. SkittleZlovablefreak says:

    THat was fast , but It bled A lot For An Eye Brow Peircing

  19. chanstahh says:

    im getting my nose done .. im a girl .. left or right? i heard some shit about if your staright or bi or gay or some crap like that , that you should get it on a certain side.. wtf?

  20. xxxlilbrattttxxx says:

    she did it really quick

  21. brokencrayonz99 says:

    i got my left done it dident hurt and i dident have any blood xD Looks nice

  22. mynamebedg says:

    take it out idiot its white trash anyway

  23. Sum4life23 says:

    get the bepanthen antiseptic, and clean it with it 2-3 times a day.
    saved my eyebrow.

  24. xxcaittxx says:

    no my friend got his right side done

  25. totalspazz95 says:

    Youre soooo pretty! & it looks really good (:

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