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mckenna’s lip piercing

Body jewelry

McKenna gettin her lip pierced

25 responses to “mckenna’s lip piercing”

  1. kealin007 says:

    @mckennarae322 the piercing no but if you take it out there will be a mark where it was and that will never go away. im not saying you shouldent get one im 14 and looking to get one but i just wanted to stress that here will be a mark…

  2. mckennarae322 says:

    @kealin007 the wonderful thing about a piercing is… you don’t have to have it the rest of your life!

  3. kealin007 says:

    @ScaryChildren12 you can be any age as long as your parents are there… make sure you really want this and will want this for the rest of your life.. GOOD LUCK!

  4. ScaryChildren12 says:

    @mckennarae322 no my parents said i could do it and my mom is gonna take meee!!!!!

  5. mckennarae322 says:

    @117339cc hahahaha thank you. that’s very kind. but i don’t really care… this was two years ago. and look at this camera angle! no one can look good at that angle!

  6. mckennarae322 says:

    @ScaryChildren12 yeah.. but i don’t think any parents wants their 13 year old to have a lip piercing.

  7. 117339cc says:

    why do ppl comment stuff and say stupid things, ur not ugly.

  8. ScaryChildren12 says:

    i’m 13, can u be 13 to get it done with parents permission??

  9. ezzababbez says:

    how old do you have to beto get it done?
    im 12 and i really want it done 🙂
    but i would be really scared because im terrified of needles 🙁 x

  10. ezzababbez says:

    how old do you have to be to get it done?
    im 12 and i really want it done 🙂
    but im would proberbly be really scared because i really have needles 🙁 x

  11. germanshepherdsrule5 says:

    @iheartquestcr3w I feel the same way! Iv wntd to get my lip pierced forever. But i dnt take pain to well ):

  12. Joelmfao says:

    Jesus christ, she is UGLY.

  13. KawaiiKiko1 says:

    I get nervous just thinking about the guy getting me ready to pierce my lip.
    But I want it done more than anything.

  14. PolkaDot786 says:

    I got my bellybutton pierced an it wasn’t bad at all, and now i was thinking about getting my lip done, how did it feel after? Like, did it hurt after awhile?

  15. HarukaHatter says:

    My name is McKenna too! 🙂

  16. MrChance2371 says:

    @ChelseaTheBrave234 Yes you can be 14 with a parent.

  17. MrChance2371 says:

    Im getting my lip peirced today and im honestly scared that its going to hurt!!!!!!!!

  18. xxviciousbeautyxx says:

    I think it’s easier to be pierced when you’re sitting up

  19. RawrrErii says:

    the piercer is reaaally hot, but he seemed like a bit of a jerk :/

  20. samie1214 says:

    did it hurt? i want one but im scared of needles

  21. BioKitten1391 says:

    he is soo hot omg

  22. jenniferbeauty33 says:

    @theusedechelongirl94 its not that bad. it hurt for me, it felt like someone ripping my lip, but you gotta remember that the pain only last for 5 seconds as the needle is going through

  23. noelbombdiggitty says:

    That’s one cute lip piercing Ginger(:

  24. XoRAWRRoX says:

    @UnicornRobot Oh okay 😀
    Thank you for letting me know..
    My cousin got her Labret and said that it didn’t hurt but it felt like a pinch but I can understand because that’s going through like cartilage or something..

  25. TheSweetybabyangel says:

    The boy that makes the piercing is really cute =)

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