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COD: Modern Warfare2 – Armor Piercing(Veteran & Solo) [tutorial]

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Here’s a strategy I modified from one I found online. This was done on my PC so i’m not too sure if this’ll work on the ps3 or 360(I’m pretty sure it will though). Key strategy ideas: -weapon to use would be the barret .50 cal -camp at your defenses, if they happen to push you to the 2nd or final line you can work your way through to the first but you wanna be careful about it. -don’t worry about claymores, they’re not very useful here.(in my opinion ’cause of the smoke they make when they explode) -again, check your corners -stay sharp with the last few -finally, control your rate of fire.. Again, if there’re any questions of other videos you would want me to make just leave a comment. (This was requested lemoncrump) p/s: sorry bout the crummy audio and tongue tied-ness, had a rough day. Hope you can still make out what i’m saying! xD

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  1. ZeroCaliberSlug says:

    @johnnykeoni haha.. cool, glad to hear it worked for ya.. =)

  2. johnnykeoni says:

    Your strategy worked on the first try! Thanks, I was about ready to give up on

  3. ZeroCaliberSlug says:

    @lrgonzalez74 no probs dude. i’m currently living in NZ as an international student.

  4. lrgonzalez74 says:

    thanks for the tips btw where you from??

  5. ZeroCaliberSlug says:

    @ChrisdriftxXx sweetaz.. hope it works for ya.. =)

  6. ChrisdriftxXx says:

    Cool strategy, ima do the same, thnx XD

  7. ZeroCaliberSlug says:

    @RP88888 wow, nice work.. i was thinking bout doing that but seemed pretty cornered.. can’t believe you pulled it off.. =
    i kept shooting it so that they will come faster.. i think.. i’m not too sure if it works.. but from experience that’s what happens.. x)
    glad you like the vid. =)

  8. RP88888 says:

    i like this tactic i didnt think of this one the one i did was with my mate and we went up stairs to like a boile room thingy that is fenced off and we went to the fenced off part one would cover the fron and i would cover the back and use claymore to know where they are coming from but it was a struggle but hey i got it done oh and how comeu keep on shootin that white thing

  9. razanet16 says:

    I did this alone multiplayer will be very easy two players can do it very easily on veteran it will be very easy on multi do this alone people if yu r a real gamer infinity wards team will be proud of yu Lol 😀

  10. razanet16 says:

    @ZeroCaliberSlug yu said right thats not a good strategy and yur not genius on this video

  11. ZeroCaliberSlug says:

    lolz.. i like how you think i gave a shit about what time i finished it in.. ’cause i think it doesn’t mean shit as to how fast you finished anything in singleplayer, it’s in multiplayer where one’s skill is defined. But that’s just my opinion.. i’m doing this so people can get their achievements/awards and to hopefully get people to find each other on XBL or PSN to help one another if they’re still having problems.. so please don’t come in here bragging about how easy it was for you..

  12. razanet16 says:

    i am sorry but this is not the best strtegy i yu wanna get the best time on it yu need to run run and run here and there in order to appear the juggers quickly n yu have to kill them fast

  13. razanet16 says:

    guyz climb that ladder in front of him at 1:28 yu can see the ladder just climb on it and be prone n yu can kill all the juggernauts from there believe me he is nothing but a mad running there and here so stupid planting claymores haahha be relax man bad strategy..

  14. razanet16 says:

    I did it in 8 minutes i got 3 stars thats enough 😀

  15. ZeroCaliberSlug says:

    haha.. sure thing man.. always good to get feed back of the strategies are working. =)

  16. dallasfanb says:

    Good strat dude it really helped alot. I made it to about 8 left before they got me. Its better than before lol, they keep spawing in the front area for me. but with this strat i will beat thanks dude

  17. ZeroCaliberSlug says:

    thanks, glad you liked it.. always good to get feed back. =)

  18. bababck says:

    very good tactics…
    movie was useful….thanks 🙂

  19. ZeroCaliberSlug says:

    haha.. i’m no genius, but thanks anyway.. glad you found it useful.. =)

  20. kicky77 says:

    ur a genious =)

    i tried to do this for ages, using my mine strats but i did it first go with urs.
    i got down to 2 left and i had to rushed back thru my defences and lucky for me tht all the claymores damaged them enough for me just to pop them off with the barrett

    just under the 10min 😉

  21. ZeroCaliberSlug says:

    uh.. i’m not sure.. didn’t think it was relevant.. probably the default.. but if you can, pick something with a grenade launcher, or the thumper.. good luck.

  22. jamesyireland says:

    What did you choose as your secondary weapon?

  23. sammosammy says:

    My best Pit time is 24 with Accuracy Bonuses. But why are we talking about The Pit? Solo, because it was in the campaign, obviously.

    Wish I could watch this. My internet just got capped.

  24. ZeroCaliberSlug says:

    true that.. 15 seconds if you minus the accuracy bonuses. crazy

  25. arty000123 says:

    i have done the pit solo

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