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Megans Tongue Piercing!

Body jewelry

Hey guys! I’ve received some questions about my piercing. So I’ll answer them on here! This was my 9th piercing. I don’t have anymore of them video taped. I got it done at Diversity by the Meadows Mall in Las Vegas, NV. Hope you enjoy watching it!! I plan on uploading more videos soon so please subscribe comment and rate! 🙂 Also, find and add me here: FormSpring: Model Mayhem: Twitter: You Myspace: Spiffbox:

25 responses to “Megans Tongue Piercing!”

  1. katiedarling33192 says:

    @sammygoesrawr1 lol if I would have known it was going to be this popular I would have done a better job. I thought it was just gonna be a video for us to look back on. haha Sorryyyy 🙁

  2. xtinaaguilera69 says:

    it hurts alot for about a month after wen ur tryna eat! watching this i dont think id have the guts to get it done again lol

  3. facio559 says:

    goddam you look old

  4. sammygoesrawr1 says:

    she cant hold a camera right O:

  5. sumdumfoo1 says:

    a tongue piercing is a straight up advertisement for……..

  6. linn1000 says:

    Looks like the guy just wants to see down the back of your uvula for as long as possible!!

  7. MattsVloggin says:

    Your really beautiful 🙂

  8. meganmedellin4 says:

    @cece12334 read the description of the video please.

  9. meganmedellin4 says:

    @Ruby032510 Not at all.

  10. meganmedellin4 says:

    No, that was Listerine.
    I don’t know, you should ask before hand.

  11. xXtorrieboo21Xx says:

    is that stuff you drink at first to numb your tounge or what?
    i also heard sme ppl put orajel on it, like the liquid kind, before they get pierced..can you do tht or is that bad to do?

  12. Ruby032510 says:

    Was the pain bad after a couple of days??/

  13. sid2vicious says:

    That was hot! but it’s obvious the guy that pierce your tongue was enjoying himself way too much, lucky bastard. 😉

  14. cece12334 says:

    What other piercings do you have?

  15. ALLINJEN10 says:

    i got my ears pierdced when i was 4

  16. xmdude626 says:

    luv you Meg..

  17. meganmedellin4 says:

    @S3xiimama1994 No, my tongue barely swelled and the “short” bar was already uncomfortable enough. I couldn’t imagine what a longer bar would have felt like. I definitely think he made the right choice by giving me a smaller one.

  18. S3xiimama1994 says:

    he said he used a shorter bar. i jus want to know did you have any problems with the shorter bar because most piercers use the longer bar at first then they switch it after two weeks when the swelling has subsided


    @meganmedellin4 I saw how fast the process went! Oh gee!

  20. meganmedellin4 says:

    @damasterchen It was! Didn’t hurt at all, glad you enjoyed it!

  21. meganmedellin4 says:

    @momojasminelove Honestly, the needle is so sharp, that I felt nothing.

  22. momojasminelove says:

    you don’t feel pain?

  23. damasterchen says:

    Hey Megan! Cool, you actually filmed the piercing process! Looks like a walk in the park! Either you are holding the pain or it just didn’t hurt haha Thanks for sharing! J

  24. meganmedellin4 says:

    @PregnantWhaleOnE Thank you! xoxo

  25. StupiidPiiggyxx says:

    your hot !

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