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Tattoo In Action. Nose Piercing!

Body jewelry

Here is a video of Tattoo doing his thing at the Tattoo shop. A couple nose pierces.

25 responses to “Tattoo In Action. Nose Piercing!”

  1. irongorilla73 says:

    Tatto is hella good my bro does percing’s and i was in his shop and when he was starting out and he butcherd this poor girls toung..Itsa hard biz to be in ..and tattoo is super solid at it no joke..Its ezey the F someone up nice work Tattoo

  2. vincelovesdanica says:

    damn tatto has a big mother fuckin hole in his ear

  3. mandieshelley says:

    I love the piercing room! It’s so nice! I hope my new one is that cool… lucky…Great job too.

  4. lakersrock767 says:

    ya because your always like tatto had to run and do a piercing hahah

  5. IAmSoRockingHard says:

    did it hurt please be honest

  6. TheHobbyBox says:

    Yep that is us.

  7. Bruinsdude4 says:

    was that chris and tatoo?

  8. TheHobbyBox says:

    funny. Yeah just “Tattoo” doing a piercing.

  9. BoxBreaker44 says:

    so thats what he looks like

  10. Sureifyouwant says:

    At first because of the name I thought it was going to be a girl getting a tattoo while at the same time a nose piercing hahahah I’m like what?! Then I watched it and I’m like ohhh

  11. lakersrock767 says:

    nice man tattoo also does box break lol

  12. GSNCards says:

    Wow..great video getting to see Tattoo in action Chris, just found this channel today ..Glad I did Awsome work as always!

  13. TheHobbyBox says:

    What up.

  14. Thundering24 says:

    LMFAO, ywu guys

  15. TradeCardsNow1 says:

    tatoo is a beast!

  16. shadowdragon687 says:

    wow tatoo does some professional piercing that does take some effort 🙂

    i think chris should get a piercing itd get 1000000 views or more 🙂
    gotta love chriss videos they make a lot of people entertained great job chris thanks for posting these videos

  17. mrcard101 says:

    i like the sublime shirt

  18. TheHobbyBox says:

    10 times :). Plus he wipes the old piercing off on his shirt so it is clean 🙂

  19. TheHobbyBox says:

    Yeah I opened this to post non-break videos.

  20. hiNotToFun says:

    I pictured tattoo looking like Vanilla Ice wiith a bigger beard. LOL Nice piercing tattoo

  21. bigrimz1982 says:

    Tattoo is very professional, he never uses the same needle more than 4 times before washing it.

  22. Ichirootaku says:

    i did not know that you have an another account!

  23. TheHobbyBox says:

    Yeah I have the Father of Time on my back.

  24. mrhobby77 says:

    umm…i think id prefer watching him bust

  25. chicagobear20 says:

    Now the only face i need to see it MR NE!!!

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