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The Chinese family reaction to a nose piercing

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Im glad i lived to upload this! I managed to video my parents’ reaction to my nose piercing, it was soooo funny… hehehhehe Just a side note: No offense to Indians, I really hope no one got offended but if you dont understand chinese you wont get the ‘joke’ but it is not a racist one so PLEASEEE dont be offended!!! PS ‘Indian is ‘yun doe’ in cantonese and ‘ah cha’ actually includes Indian, pakastanian, arabian etc but my parents just meant it on the more indian side 😛

25 responses to “The Chinese family reaction to a nose piercing”

  1. xxxAlesanaFan4everxx says:

    haha I have asked my mom for a nose piercing and she asked do I want to look like a cha mui pssh racist’!

  2. tokyodoru says:

    @randomvidsinc123 lolz yeah it’s kinda racist though lots of old generation asians are racist esp the parents ¬__¬

  3. ikhamo says:

    it starts with a nose piercing, next she might pierce her belly button, dad.

  4. NifferandFriends says:


  5. nikkastyleHH says:

    LOl omg , it’s like my mom saying i looked like a gay guy when i first got my ear peirce lol, but how come you speak eng to your mom but chinese to your dad? lol, i understand everything lol it was pretty funny and ur bro was funny lol

  6. randomvidsinc123 says:

    @enqvistleyco Yes I do. I just asked cause whenever I ask, there’s always a huge discussion over if Indians can be considered Asians. I consider myself asian.

  7. enqvistleyco says:

    @randomvidsinc123 Of course dummy. India is in Asia. Do you eve know that?

  8. Selenagomez5able1 says:

    i like it:]

  9. Isabella7281 says:

    Ur really pretty:)

  10. christo0895 says:

    AhTah?? well that’s a preety AhTah to me…

  11. randomvidsinc123 says:

    I’m an indian guy. I didn’t find that racist at all because from what I see, most Indian women are like this xD
    Ah well. Most of my friends consider me more Asian than indian (are Indians already Asian?)

  12. xXDazziliciousXx1 says:

    Why Did Yall Have Ta Say Indian Ok im indian on my dad side ithink that was disrespectful ta me is tha joke cuz like indians wear lots of jewelry nd like ta lokk nice is thats why!! i just dnt think that was funni at all even it was a joke

  13. xxxPureBeautyxxx says:

    not a good girl

  14. Irishfilmer55 says:

    umm… how is this not racist?

  15. KoolJayJ says:

    I got my ear pierced and tattoos of wings on my back when i was 17……. my dad never cared, see if you want to fix your Asian parents, you gotta lay down the Law early in life. Thats how i roll, thats how i do shit, your only young once, you only live once, have as much fun as possible before you turn all old, wrinkly, ugly and grey.

  16. summercherrydrop says:

    OMG! I Laughed So Bad! I Love It Though. ; )

  17. TheCokeBunni says:

    @IpwnUHa how weird lmao i can understand canto ish but not mandarin,well sometimes XDD

  18. mrskalila says:

    Cow nose! My mom said the same thing when I got my nose pierced! (im vietnamese) hehe

  19. aznviolinmaster says:

    Haha I know Cantonese! Where ya from?

  20. aznviolinmaster says:

    Haha I understand all of it 🙂 where ya from?

  21. shortandstuff says:

    Any way, love the nose piercing. I have one too.

  22. missjenchen7 says:

    you live in HK, but how come you speak Fujianese? are your parents originally from Xiamen?

  23. IpwnUHa says:

    i dont understand canto only mandarin D:

  24. qbpmp says:

    Ha, ha, ha!!! You are very funny! I like your vids 🙂

  25. shadowkatana90 says:

    that was funny!!!

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