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Judge Judy – Woman Sues Store Owner for Piercing Her Underage Sons Nose

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Judge Judy – Woman Sues Store Owner for Piercing Her Underage Sons Nose. Sorry about the wanky sound quality !! Check out my compilations of JJ telling people off !!

25 responses to “Judge Judy – Woman Sues Store Owner for Piercing Her Underage Sons Nose”

  1. tbone2872 says:

    @videogamer54 and black!

  2. videogamer54 says:

    $5000? for a 5 dollar piercing that you can even see in hes nose?
    That bitch is greedy.

  3. xlxAbby0Princessxlx says:

    omg sue your son! he was an idiot.

  4. rocketgal says:

    whats the deal with the puppy?

  5. DarrenFlood1995 says:

    @1Waddup its not gay all the metalheads do it

  6. DarrenFlood1995 says:

    Cant heaar shit

  7. VitaXiBella87 says:

    The Plaintiff is a moron; money hungry

  8. FynFlyte says:

    The plaintiff is out for what she can get. Her son is a liar and she is a thief.

  9. CupcakesEatSouls says:


  10. shannon7733 says:

    “I had bought juree there befow”. Priceless….

  11. NarutoCuti says:

    why do ALOT of kids on this show that claim to be like 12-15 look like their 25+?

  12. H0tkebab says:


  13. TampaTrainer58 says:

    @moez507 It’s a witness

  14. 1Waddup says:

    why wud a male want his nose pierced?, thats plainly Gay, pure and simple

  15. Lynnphotos84 says:

    $5, she for real?! I hate ppl that just sue over every stupid thing to try and get money. Get an education and get a real job and try SUPPORTING YOURSELF!

  16. nick2s says:

    Personally, I think the plaintiff isn’t entitled to anything except maybe 5 bucks because of her horribly selfish and stupid attitude but i guess the money would be used for the minor doctor visit rather than just the annoyance that JJ spoke of.

  17. GetDrunkOrQuit12 says:

    ugly ass nigger

  18. moez507 says:

    wtf wtf is the dog doing

  19. interpolnarc says:

    Is a dog in court proper decor for a court?

  20. imagangstawitit1993 says:

    @Rosky12 Look , There is no reasonn to have an attitude withh me . I was justt sayinn youu cann use a gunn on cartiladge , its just not safe . Thats all .

  21. Rosky12 says:

    @imagangstawitit1993 you can also use a knife to pierce your nose, as well as an apple corer, a jack hammer and a nail.

  22. 74trinigirl says:

    The woman is nuts!!! Note to the world…please don’t use her stupidity as a measure of others’.

  23. imagangstawitit1993 says:

    @Rosky12 Umm , yeahh youu cann .Doesnt matter if it shatters it . Im justt sayingg that youu cann use it . It will damage your it prettyy bad im sure , but ppl can still do it .

  24. CyberSlayer128 says:

    $5 = $5000….whaaaaaat???
    It’s stupid people like them that make people think that black people are
    all trying to do shit like this to get money -_-

  25. Rosky12 says:

    @imagangstawitit1993 no you cant, you cant use a gun on cartlidge as it shatters it. “you can drive a car into a brick wall, but its not safe”

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