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Modern Warfare 2: Spec Ops – Armor Piercing Veteran Guide [PC]

Body jewelry

Category: Echo Mission Type: Elimination Recommended Participant Count: 1 or 2 Difficulty: 3/5 Completed on: Veteran (Solo) This op is a lot easier with a friend as you can take down Juggernauts twice as fast and two people can take down a Juggernaut who happens to get within close quarters. Not really much to say, I did cut out the parts of the video where I was waiting for the Juggernauts to appear. I did record the times it took for Juggernauts to appear between the last one dying, but don’t take these times as official or accurate as it will differ for everyone. It’s mainly to give you an idea of when they can appear. ————————————————————- I donot own any copyrights to Modern Warfare 2, Steam or any other relevant item shown in this video. They are property of their respective owners. No other infringements are intended or to be inferred to.

25 responses to “Modern Warfare 2: Spec Ops – Armor Piercing Veteran Guide [PC]”

  1. Clonetroopah117 says:

    @JR381994 ‘Well that was a disaster. Let’s try again!’

  2. obrnqueenblu97 says:

    Same EXACT thing I did exept i went up the ladder n stayed there.Good job by the way =)

  3. Sindre961 says:

    barkilax failed!

  4. xrockertom says:

    Thanks you got me my last achievment 🙂

  5. JR381994 says:

    omg just now i needed one more
    and i get killed

  6. MrPwnedalot says:

    lolz 3:18. Juggernaut jumps from ladder.

  7. ThSeriousGuy says:

    Wonderful guide, thanks.

  8. mrshane3x says:

    @Barkilax Just watch this one.

  9. Barkilax says:

    “Juggernuats can climb ladder”
    Omg lolwut. could you upload a vid of a juggernaut doing that please ?

    would probably look really stupid

  10. ShooterSam540 says:

    the two big eyes on the juggernaut’s helmet looks really freaky… who agrees?

  11. mrshane3x says:

    @wari65 The idea itself I think isn’t great but you would need to do a lot more balancing then that for it to work.

  12. wari65 says:

    Juggernaut should be a killstreak, after 10 kills one is unleashed into the map and behaves like the singleplayer juggernauts

  13. MBJH17isbackonlyone says:

    wow thanks a lot

  14. sithlordsoup says:

    id be scared shitless if i didnt know he could do ladders

  15. mrshane3x says:

    @alexriderproductions It’s just a typo

  16. alexriderproductions says:

    Don’t you mean M240….?

  17. FalkonX3000 says:

    I have to say thanks man, i wouldnt get 69 star without your help.

  18. mjh2271999 says:

    XD one time 2 came at the same time and i thought only 1 was there so i killed it, then i heard it coming up the and i shot it in the head and it flew away! lol

  19. FiR3StAlK3R says:

    yay PC version

  20. DeadTorro says:

    Nice one mate, I do think it is so stupid that literally the second they run round the corner they shoot you, so unrealistic that they all know precisely where you are.

  21. megaweeding says:

    relac LA peopel is ony a videeo rigt?

  22. kinglemoncheez says:

    omg this worked until the last one when he turned and just killed me OMGGG >:(
    lol 5/5

  23. env1233 says:

    excellent video,

  24. mrshane3x says:

    The Juggernauts spawn at certain intervals, it just takes them a bit of time to go from the top of the map to where you are. Drawing their attention isn’t required since they always know where you are.

  25. chuckzone3000 says:

    im not saying you should try and kill the juggernauts with the thumper. im saying when ur hiding out on that balcony thing, u should use the thumper just to get their attention. when they pop around the corner, u should switch to the barrett

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