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Tri industrial Piercing on Desiree at Spear Me 09 02 04

Body jewelry

Jayson does an extremely rare piercing – the Tri-Industrial. One center ball with 3 bars spoking out. You don’t see many of these!

25 responses to “Tri industrial Piercing on Desiree at Spear Me 09 02 04”

  1. loveschrisbrown1000 says:

    o my gosh i love it … i want one know but im just getting a reguler indusrtial bar

  2. sarahkayekaye says:

    im getting an industrial done but only one nd im 14.

  3. igorstates says:

    how is your industrial doing

  4. SpearMePiercing says:

    @krazy987654 it’s not a question of safety, it’s more about the ability for an individual to care for a piercing properly and to fully understand the ramifications of what they are about to do. I have yet to meet a 12 year old, less someone under 18 who i would fully trust to go through with this sort of procedure let alone take care of it properly once it’s done.

  5. SpearMePiercing says:

    @Exclamation Thanks!

  6. SpearMePiercing says:

    @AshlynNicoleHarvey Send me a pic or it doesn’t exist!

  7. SpearMePiercing says:

    @AshlynNicoleHarvey 14g

  8. SpearMePiercing says:

    @nikkiholiday92 Thanks!

  9. SpearMePiercing says:

    @igorstates Been doin really good, business is good, people are buying stuff, things are running smoothly. Yup!

  10. SpearMePiercing says:

    @CmarieA08 from what i remember, the central bead cost around $120 ( company i get these through does gold only), all three shafts cost about $80 and i did the service for free. So after tax and stuff i think it came to about $220ish. I even discounted the piece a bit. From what i remember that full piece was retailing at $280 and it would have been aprox $100 in service if i charged regular rates for everything.

  11. igorstates says:

    how have you been doing?

  12. gatubela300394 says:

    ooooooo mi god that looks so painful but i loved it i want one like that

  13. CmarieA08 says:

    Normal industrials cost quite a bit of money…I’m curious as to how much this cost…I’m sure the jewelry added quite a bit to the total…

  14. SpearMePiercing says:

    You come get it from ME!!! Come to Carson city Nv I’ll order the jewelry and we’ll do it! 😉

  15. envyisasin says:

    I want this done so bad now! were did you get it

  16. trentinjk says:

    Once again, it depends on your pain tolerance:
    I am a guy and I have 15 piercings including double labrets and 6 cartilage. Not any one of my piercings Hurt, but when I got a vert. Industrial… Worst pain I ever felt. PERIOD

  17. princessemobitch1 says:

    i always wanted to hav an industrial piercin but im to scared to go an take it…. does it hurt? and how does it feel??

  18. nikkiholiday92 says:

    i really like this

  19. SpearMePiercing says:

    don’t know how close they are to you but there is a shop in az called the holey mackerel that guy does some insane multi industrials.

  20. BigBoyRobbz says:

    Maybe Someone Can Help Me Out Were Is There A Place I Can Get This Done And I Live In New Mexico So Whats The Nearest Place I Can Go???

  21. iDemonizer says:

    I have one 😀 But the first hurted a lot!

  22. AshlynNicoleHarvey says:

    what gauge is it

  23. AshlynNicoleHarvey says:

    u can find the bars at hot topic

  24. freakokum says:

    the last one must hurt a looot!

  25. bboyblac says:

    hey where do you go to find the bars for that

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