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Starcraft 2 secret mission Piercing the Shroud 2/2

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This is a secret mission in starcraft 2 (piercing the shroud) Starcraft 2 continues the epic struggle between the races that blizzard created (terran — human, zerg — insect like aliens and protos — the noble alien warriors) Starcraft 2 is also divided in to three chapters — Wings of Liberty, Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void. This particular chapter focuses on Human story and the struggle of Jim Raynor to set things right. The game features many exciting battles incredibly detailed cinematic and memorable characters. Blizzard has really put a lot of resources and effort in to this game. Blizzard has once again separated themselves from the other video game developers and moved them on a whole different level. I hope you enjoy this play through as much as I do

17 responses to “Starcraft 2 secret mission Piercing the Shroud 2/2”

  1. SpArTaN2567 says:

    @Zergbleeder Not exactly true, he lost a medic before he received his reinforcements in the first part of the video.

  2. Ocilet440 says:

    3:18 was just awful xD

  3. snowman2009 says:

    @darkness007666 if you pause the video at about 8 minuts you will see it on mini map, arround that time the hybrid vanishes and also gives you time to go back and explore/gather all the things you lost =D

  4. Shadower41235 says:

    is this the same as the one zeratul found back in brood wars?

  5. SethDecker89 says:

    @snowman2009 Thanks I did the sameish thing, only I had Raynor use his plasma rifle. I think the problem I had earlier was that when I killed the brutalisk the Ares also died.

  6. SamCaoDung says:

    Oh fucking Hybrid.

  7. snowman2009 says:

    @SethDecker89 I think you need to engare with ARES (have him shoot first) and then you can help with your units a bit. Make shure that ARES deals the last blow to brutalisk =D

  8. SethDecker89 says:

    Not sure what I did wrong. I’m trying to get the feat and decided to use my medics to lure the brutalisk down and then when he was near the ares I’d start him up and “eventually” killed him with only damage from the Ares. Is there something I did wrong because I wasn’t awarded the feat.

  9. 74205Defiant says:

    @Zergbleeder He missed one of the artifacts! =(

  10. darkness007666 says:

    Where is the fourth protoss item?

  11. chainaxe8 says:

    @Siegen22 U mad?

  12. marinex1212 says:

    Ares? As in, the Greek god of war?

  13. snowman2009 says:

    sorry mission was not that hard and not much unit diversity so i didnt bind em =)

  14. jugaslt says:

    pros dont need bounds 😀

  15. Zergbleeder says:

    @Siegen22 He didnt lose any units until the end when we was running out. He is playing on hard. He did fine micro. Take that negative shit and go elsewhere.

  16. MSK120 says:

    @Siegen22 He was being pro. Either that or old school.

  17. Siegen22 says:

    you’re fucking shit man. why have you not bound any units to groups? the fuck is ur problem.

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