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Tokio Hotel new look and new piercing of Bill Kaulitz

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25 responses to “Tokio Hotel new look and new piercing of Bill Kaulitz”

  1. Deidaraxcanxfly says:

    wow Bill is really ta-OH SHIT i saw that nipple piercing and i was like OMG

  2. Rennay93 says:

    i didn’t know that Bill got his nipple pierced, ouch!, he probably got it pierced the same time tom got his private part pierced, oh well, but i love the new look of both, SEXY,SEXY!! lol

  3. LuvableBaka says:

    @Pikeya Correction: He used to, but he took it out.

  4. LuvableBaka says:

    I’m a goddamned female, but DAMN can Bill give me a boner!

  5. totallyfai says:

    haha gustav and george are so cute
    i actually like bill’s dreads
    and tom looksamazing in those braids

  6. emocupkake2010 says:

    Omg I love tokio hotel I always have buy I hate ther new look Tom was do hot with his natural hair n dreads n bill was fuckn gorgeous without dreads ugh I still love th

  7. 792italianhotty says:

    oh ok cool (:

  8. Pikeya says:

    @792italianhotty yes he does

  9. 792italianhotty says:

    🙂 doesnt he also have a tongue piercing?

  10. Panik87Tokiohotel89 says:

    i liked the vd but i am not sure aboyt bill’s new piercing… I love him with rasta but i think his new hair are new for us…we are gonna get used to them as the old one which i adored!! Tom is, well, Tom means hot(!!!) and gustav is ok no prob. thnx for the vid!

  11. haleyham123 says:

    OMG…so FUCKING tasty…(tom) ughhh

  12. monsterxinxside says:

    i hate his hair down.i used to love he looks just weird.hopeful he doesnt keep like that for to long.and i dont see wuts so different about the rest of them.tom still looks gangster,gustav still looks rather nerdy(but i like it).and where’s the part about georg?!?!?!?!?anyways,i love tokio hotel,so good video!

  13. nataly1325 says:

    yesss 🙂

  14. therumpnissa says:

    tom is looking so much hotter now :DDD<3333333333333333333333333

  15. DeathxTilxDawn102 says:

    what no special part for georg!!!

  16. Lysanne13 says:

    Tom looks like sean paul,
    but he’s hot.

  17. tokiohotelluver1236 says:

    ha! bill is right handed (i know alot of people are)
    but still it’s pretty damn cool!!!!!!!!!

  18. xImSorryIam says:

    it has to be faked O_O

  19. fromyworld says:

    where is the new piercing of bill?

  20. miisskauliitz0169 says:

    pour linstant c kune rumeur ^^’ mais franchment sa lui irai bien =))

  21. allamerikanallie says:

    i would get ANYTHING pierced except a nipple ouch!!!

  22. nuggetka5 says:

    they look older now… love them…:-)

  23. Mjosianne says:

    yeah, an evil SEXY sean paul XD

  24. HJTL101 says:

    Bill looks EXACTLY LIKE TOM when he had dreadloks!! no way, that definitley shows that they are identical =]

  25. nenadekaulitz25 says:

    espero q si se haya hecho otra perfo me agrada la idea

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