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KIm’s tongue piercing

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25 responses to “KIm’s tongue piercing”

  1. GlamorousKissx says:

    LOL at the end, i bet the taste of the metal was gross

  2. NZenglishman says:

    the piercer was asian, end discussion

  3. TheMechanicalfire says:

    He wasn’t really being bossy…

  4. ImHXCkids says:

    she’s a fucking idiot.

  5. thingzhappen55 says:

    id hate 2 have my tounge pierced by that anoying ass chink -__-

  6. Lulusloth143 says:

    VV people are so dumbbb. the ones arguing. D:

  7. misscaligirl1991 says:

    her’s seems low. and he didnt seem to nice.

  8. misscaligirl1991 says:

    @eazy906 it wont fall off. ive had mines for 2 years and never had a problem with it. lol. sleeping with your mouth open doesnt twist it or whatever you think itll do.

  9. lilshawn2168 says:

    Haha the 2 ppl arguing haha you swallow BALLS hahahahaha

  10. petrafukable says:

    @eazy906 well im sorry if i offended you but the ball can’t get loose in your sleep. you don’t have to believe in what other people say. it’s hard to choke on a ball that small too.

  11. eazy906 says:

    @petrafukable you are rude i have heard of the ball falling off and people swallowing it and choking dumbass and if you have your mouth open breathing you can swallow things that sounded stupid what you just said like the ball could’nt come loose and you could’nt swallow it how dumb are you

  12. petrafukable says:

    @eazy906 this might sound rude but i have never read a more stupid comment. swallow a piercing?! come on! it’s not gonna fall off dumbass! and if you have your mouth open you can’t swallow things!

  13. Vikky243 says:

    He did not like her, lol

  14. eazy906 says:

    i want one but i’m scared i’m gonna swallow it when i sleep cause i sleep with my mouth open

  15. eazy906 says:

    @kirox777 perv lol

  16. naynayxoverbomb101 says:

    she did good dis other girl made me never want to get it she was screaming lol

  17. tystaciadean2010 says:

    that was fast

  18. MiYEful says:

    I want to get ma tongue pierced by that hot guy , too! *___*

  19. kirox777 says:

    @NnaTasSshaa word, i was thinking the same thing. lmao asians are all about discipline. he probably just wanted the best.

    …but ill pierce you… and im not talking about jewelry ; )

  20. rhiannon650 says:

    im sure hes being firm to allow a correct job if it goes wrong ouch

  21. victoria1112345 says:

    wow in his head
    “im gunna jam it in”
    only becus he did it ew

  22. rockstar123475 says:

    he kept repeting him self

  23. daniellekaulitz1 says:

    ew i’d punch at guy in the face.

  24. mrschocolatelover1 says:

    lol the doc was annoyin me lol

  25. Lan2SEXc says:

    he is too bossy ! when i got mine the lady wasnt pushin my teeth,, and bein rude

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