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Ear-Piercing Scene from Loveless

Body jewelry

from episode 3 i do not own loveless in anyway this video has Shounen-ai/Yaoi references don’t like, don’t watch

25 responses to “Ear-Piercing Scene from Loveless”

  1. Baka461 says:

    @DetectiveRukia08 lol I know what ya mean XD

  2. thesephantomeyes says:

    Never thought ear piercing had such a deep meaning! Now I am just Gunna smugly smile to myself when I see someone get there’s done! :3

  3. EvilMissSaphy says:

    Now I’m going to have to watch the whole damn series or my head is going to explode!!

  4. VelvetChinaDoll says:

    Ritsuka: Why are you always coming in through the window? It’s not an entrance…

    Me: But you know what Is an entrance…? *nosebleed*

    Soubi: I was thinking exactly the same thing… *jumps Ritsuka*

  5. SanguinaryLegitimacy says:

    ….Only Soubi and Ritsuka can make ear piercing totally and utterly HAWT.

  6. ILuvHikaruAndKaoru says:

    @XxFrEaKxXxShOwxX Heh

  7. XxFrEaKxXxShOwxX says:

    @ILuvHikaruAndKaoru ahh yeah your right. my mistake~

  8. fangirl1030 says:

    Ritsuka’s a seme! :O

  9. GaarasTeddyBear123 says:

    @Mawdkipz then its an epic fail for both ritsuka and soubi

  10. Mawdkipz says:


  11. vocaloidifytheworld says:

    KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *Jumps up and dow and squeals like a 13-year-old fangirl* Oh wait…I AM a t13-year-old fangirl! That was so CUTE! Al though, you just take TWO lines out and it becomes perverted XD

  12. SonicMelody says:

    soubi~! *O* and to think,konishi katsuyuki also voices america from hetalia

  13. ILuvHikaruAndKaoru says:

    @XxFrEaKxXxShOwxX Wouldn’t it be how masochistic he is, considering he’s the one being put in pain?

  14. oOKdLuvsOo says:

    At least “Pierce” is better that “Penetrate” XD

  15. heytranny says:

    I never knew getting your ears pierced can get so kinky…

  16. sharpay5363 says:

    *raises hand*

  17. solemn0insanity says:

    If u really think about it, the whole situation’s pretty kinky!! I bet we all have a new perspective on ear-piercing now. That’s right. Everyone think about that random stranger who pierced your ears all that long ago….. ;D

  18. SashaNightDemonXIII says:

    What?! Piercing your ears does NOT hurt… Wuss…lol

  19. ladykatie207 says:

    why the fuck is ritsuka so small at 2:08???

  20. XxFrEaKxXxShOwxX says:

    I love how sadistic Soubi is. They are both just so cute

  21. kagomeninetailedgurl says:

    ah so cute my favorite scene ever!!! besides the kisses

  22. Rinxxxxx says:

    @GaarasTeddyBear123 yeah lol the person asked what the soundtrack at the beginning was though

  23. GaarasTeddyBear123 says:

    @Rinxxxxx the beginning song is hateful of sorrow but the song later on is noughts

  24. Rinxxxxx says:

    @JeSuisSansAmour lol it is not called “noughts”, it is “hateful of sorrow” although it is incorrectly spelt as “hatful” on youtube and elsewhere. it is a lovely song…. 🙂

  25. chacragirl says:

    what’s so special about getting your ears pierced?

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