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Miley Cyrus talks about ‘reconnecting’ with Nick Jonas and Nose Piercing

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miley cyrus on radio show 107.5 the river june 12 2009

25 responses to “Miley Cyrus talks about ‘reconnecting’ with Nick Jonas and Nose Piercing”

  1. JoeJonasismine4ever0 says:

    Theres nothing wrong with getting ur nose pierced! Miley totally rocks it!
    I <3 Mileyyyyyy(:

  2. CatherineTurner14 says:

    yeah im 15 but i had my nose pierced when i was 14 i had it done with a gun it didnt hurt it kinda looks cute and i think its like rock chick i still got it and i love it xxx yeah what miley is saying it is true everything is temporary xx

  3. richmond24 says:

    miley is hot but she said “you know” way too many times in this interview

  4. HiPhOp4LiFeXoxO says:

    i dont see the big deal, like geeze, i have my nose pierced and guess what.. IM 12!!, and Miley is 16 for crying out loud shes old enough to make a decision like getting her nose done, and i do think she looks really pretty with it!! :D…. and i guess i kinda feel sorry for her because she cant even get her nose pierced with out the whole entire world kicking her in the ass for it…. JUST GIVE THE GIRL A LITTLE RESPECT!!

  5. iKristene says:

    She did, look at MileyMandy youtube page and click the video Doo Da Bracelets.

  6. GettoWolf1996 says:

    no, one side

  7. supportingselgomez says:

    i saw the jet-ski vid they were deffinetley kissing

  8. 1randomdls says:

    thats not true, everyones there own person. and if she wants to do it so be it. that doesnt mean everyone that likes her has to do it. she might set an example, but people will do stuff regardless.

  9. x01Candyxx says:

    Why can’t she just admit it and say that they’re together instead of lying and always saying: “we don’t know what’s gonna happen in the future..”?? Last time they both said that it was just rumours and bla bla bla.. and it turned out to be wrong. I’m pretty sure that they’re back together and I’m happy for both of them. But lying for their fans as we know they both did is just wrong in my opinion. I don’t hate Miley but I don’t love her either.

  10. bottlecapcup says:

    its on both sides

  11. cocalunch2 says:

    she did.

  12. Webkinzgirlio87 says:

    Miley looks pretty cool with her nose pierced.Seriously o_0
    Shes 16 years old rofl

  13. staywhereicanseeyou1 says:

    she really did but she got it for her new movie The Last Song

  14. BaBaBrinsa123 says:

    alrite so im confused….did she or did she not get her nose pierced??
    some people are saying its magnetic because in pictures its on the right side sometimes & on the left side sometimes….im really confused!!

  15. NileyForever7 says:

    its funnt shes like, no comment and then she admitted saying, yes ima jet-ski demon lmao i was like, so that is you and nick??

  16. ronjahaha says:

    I hate when they say in the future- thing, you know ” we dont know whats gonna happend in the future” blablbla..

  17. ASHLYR60 says:

    cause on E-news they got of vid. of them jet skiing and during the video miley turned around and nick lead in and it looked like they kissed….well u gotta see the video to get what i’m saying

  18. MizzNileyLoverz says:

    To you opinion it is tacky to her it not…and it looks cute on her (no homo)

  19. MizzNileyLoverz says:

    Cuz you know how ppl like to twist words….no commetn was the better anwer

  20. JB4everxx says:

    why was she like no comment when he asked bout the jet ski thats not an answer!

  21. MorganKnott1 says:

    How does that the fact that Miley Cyrus got her nose pierced effect you?

  22. zeebraore says:

    lol, whatever. Don’t get one yet. Not everyone wants to be the same, nose rings are cute.

  23. basketballgirl1313 says:

    yeah its tacky and retarded dumbox!

  24. zeebraore says:

    There’s nothing wrong with a nose piercing dumbass.

  25. marealowe says:

    haha miley seems fun.

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