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Starcraft 2 Secret Mission – Piercing the Veil part 1 (includes teutorial)

Body jewelry

I checked my singleplayer completion and noticed it was at 25/26 missions completed, even after finishing and recording the 3 alternate-choice missions. then someone asked me if i’d upload the secret mission… so.. then i knew there was one. after that, thanks to google, it didnt take long to find it and how to activate it… so i figured i would make a video including the how-to on my profile. hope you guys enjoy!

25 responses to “Starcraft 2 Secret Mission – Piercing the Veil part 1 (includes teutorial)”

  1. athroughzidontcare says:

    in the room with the brutalisk theres a tauren marine in one of those tube containers

  2. Adun725 says:

    All those kills by Odin…you don’t escort Odin, Odin escorts YOU.

  3. TheChrisCrossed says:

    (includes “teutorial”) LOL really?

  4. Archaneus says:

    do zerglings next time instead of zealots at the release. If you attack just as the zerglings are starting to finish up, you wont even get touched.

  5. GRRStarcraft says:

    12:55- What the hell did you do with the A.R.E.S.???

  6. yongjinphern says:

    man, i wanna kill the doctors as many times as I want to

  7. copershark says:

    i done this mission 2 times and only the 1st gave me the mission money but ofc i hade at that time max tech with Zerg and Protoss so i got some extra Credits, on my 2nd try i did not get mission money but insted all the Zerg and Protoss Tech gave me allot of money. i went like hell this bonus mission is not half bad:D
    so i did it a 3rd time and it keeps giving me money for the Tech does this mean i can do this how meny times i want till i got all my Unite, Base, Space and Veicle uppgrades done?

  8. AlllphaAramiss says:

    @belthazor3457 you can use odin too to shoot that down:)

  9. AlllphaAramiss says:

    load the old game before you go to char and do this mission and works

  10. batmann12111 says:


  11. belthazor3457 says:

    P.S. – part 2 is now up, after being uploaded 3 times x.x

  12. belthazor3457 says:

    @Ultramarinedude you need to complete the mission. you could kill the building with the odin’s special ability during the surprise attack, but that’s a waste of valuable time and since you must complete it to gain credit, its better to just kill it with siege tanks later, as i demonstrated.

  13. UcagMythbusters says:

    PT 2 PLOX

  14. SuperThimbles says:

    Is there an aftermath to this mission or do you just go back to the cantina like nothing’s happened?

    Based on Mensk originally digging up the artifact, the dominion secret lab, and the hit mensk put on Kerrigan, I guess the dominion’s working with the Xel Naga…

    who are led by Tyrael and are plotting to unleash the Burning Legion from beyond the void.

    Good thing we’ll have tauren marines in a coming patch.

  15. Barenoo says:

    Part 2 please? 😀

  16. daret9056 says:

    no part 2 ….

  17. BillKephart says:

    Got part 2 up?

  18. Ultramarinedude says:

    Oh yea, question for the vid maker: what level graphics are u using?? Must be high or ultra 😛 lol Im just using medium :s

  19. Ultramarinedude says:

    So you have to start the mission: Media Blitz, do the suprise attack with the odin, then once the suprise attack is over is when u go to unlock the secret mission? Then finish media blitz to be able to play it?? :p. I just played this mission, and beat it, then replayed it to unlock it and aborted mission… I don’t think that worked… any help will be cool ;D

  20. victorian4j says:

    protoss are not friendly =/

  21. donconco says:

    i can’t find part 2 oO

  22. Abbz444 says:

    @Hades3rd It’s not a problem 🙂

  23. Hades3rd says:

    Ah, thank you for explaining. I did not know that.

  24. Abbz444 says:

    @Hades3rd You don’t seem to fully understand how Youtube uploads work. Yes the video is uploaded, but it takes time for the quality to surface.

    It collates with the size of the video uploaded, and it’s length.

    Essentially, the bigger the video, the longer the processing time, and the longer the quality remains at a below average level

  25. amazingdany says:

    Do some videos where you overclick the units NOT in the mp such as Eugene, Tosh, Nova, protoss scouts, science vessels, etc… I’tll be fun to see what they say.

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