Body jewelry

Piercing culture presentation – by Lolly

Body jewelry

My video for my piercing culture presentation.

5 responses to “Piercing culture presentation – by Lolly”

  1. xXbr0k3nxheartXx says:

    haha i gots my smiley, ive had it since iw as like thirteen, so like a year… and i did my tung webbing thing stuff, and i took it out, cuz it made me not want to eat lol

  2. RelaxDud3 says:

    finally someone interesting on youtube with multple EAR piercings 🙂

  3. erikazach says:

    wow thats an intresting place to have a piercing…. your but crack. I have 11 piercings and I am 14 and want more

  4. lollypoppunk says:

    Thankyouuuuu 😀

  5. szszszandi says:


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