Body jewelry

roxxi gettin lip piercing

Body jewelry

gettin my lip done 😀 no it didnt hurt only a lil pinch , thats without numbing stuff too 😀

4 responses to “roxxi gettin lip piercing”

  1. psykidd308 says:

    i lost it in the first day ! i have changed to Lip ring after 1 week. mine is Labret !

  2. ScufflesWaffles says:

    Wow love it. It looks well good on you. You’re really beautiful 🙂

  3. christinelouise2792 says:

    4-6 weeks to get it changed is bullshit mahnn “/, i had mine changed after two weeks cuzz th bar was wayy TOO longg x

  4. 398378076 says:

    haha lookin nice

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