Body jewelry

DIY Tongue Web Piercing

Body jewelry

I decided to re-pierce my web!

19 responses to “DIY Tongue Web Piercing”

  1. PrincessxNeeNee says:

    @MorbidVampirella It’s really not. The first time itwas crooked as shit cause it hurt o bad ahah

    Oh thank you 😀

  2. MorbidVampirella says:

    @PrincessxNeeNee Goshh :/
    Well it isn’t as easy as it looks then d:
    I love yo gauges btw *(:

  3. PrincessxNeeNee says:

    @MorbidVampirella Of coure it hurt! ahaha the part that hurts the most is after your done and your just sitting there. But it’s not too bad.
    It didn’t bleed a lot a lot but it bled a little after you spit.

  4. MorbidVampirella says:

    Did it hurt?
    I wanna do it myself too, but I’m afraid of
    it getting infected or something.
    Did it bleed? :S

  5. PrincessxNeeNee says:

    @XTryToBreakMe ahaha well it was my second time doing it. &My hands got a lot steadier after a couple more piercings i did to myself and others. 😀

  6. XTryToBreakMe says:

    omg u made it look soooo easy

  7. PrincessxNeeNee says:

    @Ohdamnsheparty i used a 16

  8. Ohdamnsheparty says:

    I’m suppose to be piercing mines but I have no idea what kind of jewelry to get and what size gauge?

  9. PrincessxNeeNee says:

    @manuhmurder How close to your tongue did you do it?

  10. manuhmurder says:

    I had mine but after awhile it surfaced.

  11. PrincessxNeeNee says:

    @xkornfreak5x Yepp

  12. xkornfreak5x says:

    Do you still have that done?

  13. J05E09 says:

    yu seriously jus did dat O.O haha yu kicK ass 😀
    & yu dnt sound lik a man

  14. PrincessxNeeNee says:

    @dianeduhh Aww thanks (;

  15. dianeduhh says:

    I love your piercings!

  16. mvpofwrestling says:

    O_O wow. lols.

  17. PrincessxNeeNee says:

    @pattyXpanda shut up -__-

  18. pattyXpanda says:

    lol! nigguh has some filling ;D
    brush yo teefs better

  19. RayAndPES says:

    looks lovely

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