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Coconut Piercing Process

Body jewelry Join Rener Gracie for lunch at the Gracie Compound where he takes the time to show you the domesticated coconut piercing process.

25 responses to “Coconut Piercing Process”

  1. nuyork143 says:

    a. 1. That may be pierced.

    Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by C. & G. Merriam Co.

  2. ACEBOY00 says:

    this guys the man XD if ur not gettin excited about this theres something wrong with u hahaha, GJJ FTW 😀

  3. migueltni says:

    Dejen de discutir estupideces y disfruten el video, a mi ya me dio mucha hambre..!!! sobre todo como se como el sandwich de queso remojado en la sopa de elote..!!! delicious

  4. 7DavidKim says:

    Give me a legitimate source where it says that “pierceable” is a word.

  5. nuyork143 says:

    Wow, youre an idiot…pierceable is most certainly a word.

  6. kommisar says:

    Haha, when he was talking about how perfectly sized the coconut is, it made me think of Ray Comfort and his banana argument. (YouTube it if you don’t know what I’m talking about [“Ray Comfort banana”].)

  7. GJJalltheway says:

    no, they just have a different kind of diet

  8. criptovicto says:

    I’m not gay monGAYfrut!!!!
    but many Gracie…..

  9. monkeyfrut says:

    im sure your gay criptovicto

  10. lucubration808 says:

    rener is so funny! i can tell you’re a great teacher in GJJ too lol

  11. witegetobro says:

    rener fuckin cracks me up haha

  12. tinieblasmexy says:

    This is so awesome Renner. Thanks for sharing the Gracie diet tips. Every time there is a video on the Gracie diet it make my day. Please keep the videos coming.

  13. Nightmonkey17 says:

    making me hungry

  14. criptovicto says:

    I’m sure, Rener is gay!!!!!

  15. kellum634 says:

    are they vegetarians?

  16. 661966 says:

    LOL i though rener was going to cry there at the end….

    haha he was just talking about nature and then the sandwiches came and they tasted so good…almost overwhelmed him

  17. twisterenvy says:

    Coconut juice is a good natural laxative…just putting it out there. Thanks for the vid.

  18. kazuko26 says:

    lol he looked sad when he said, “,but he made it…”

  19. Bigturns33 says:

    I live in the States now, my brother is actually in Scotland right now doing a Jiu Jitsu semiar. He trains under Demian Maia.

  20. seanyyman says:

    close.. i’m Actually Welsh, but my Grandad is Scottish and ii also go Scotland to train with the one and only ‘Rick young’.. i’ve actually only just returned from there..

  21. 7DavidKim says:


    not a word

  22. cdubb3 says:

    I love you enthusiasm keep it up bro .

  23. fatmelonn says:

    nice ending!

  24. Bigturns33 says:

    i take it your from scotland with that expression. I am.

  25. steve7309 says:

    Hi Rener ! I’m a student of GJJ and I have a question about your diet : In your vid, we see carrot juice, salad, corn soup, nuts..all those from Group A. How is it that right after that you eat bread and cheese (Group B and C ? ). Am I missing something ? Thanks man, Keep it Real !

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