Body jewelry

My belly piercing!!

Body jewelry

Okayy this was done on December 27th 2008, the dayy before my 16th brithdayy. It was my present from my parentals. :] It looks really great now, it didn’t swell, it was really freckin’ quick, and I didn’t feel a thing. ^_^ Enjoy everyone, and ignore my oober hyper/excited-ness.

8 responses to “My belly piercing!!”

  1. xxxMariahilyxxx says:

    hehehhehehehehehe loovee this girl.!

  2. shugartits1996 says:

    Wow does it hurt … That’s the only bit I’m scared of .. Wat bit hurts the most ?? X

  3. TheNextAvrilLavigne says:

    @lamomarissaeli mine was an asshole

  4. lamomarissaeli says:

    he was a great piercer. mine was kinda slower.

  5. mm23031 says:

    You make it look so easy:L Im gettin mine done today, shit scared

  6. STELLARstudiosco says:

    I got it done at Skin Rituals on south side in Oklahoma City, lol.

  7. brnnuglow says:

    Where did you get yours done at?

  8. softnontender says:

    great tummy, love how she lays back and the piercer extends the end of the exam table, just like the doctor would if she was getting her vollyeball physical and he was laying her back to feel her tummy, check her liver and spleen. love the flat tummy comment too!

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