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Piercing update

Body jewelry

Piercing update.

21 responses to “Piercing update”

  1. helsbard says:

    I watched this video and the video of your previous dimple piercings, and these ones are SO MUCH better! They put em at the right place for your face, it makes you look so cute ^^

  2. ilyGALORD says:

    I think you stunningly beautiful 🙂

  3. sickloks says:

    get a fucken life

  4. krisandsara13 says:

    i absolutely lovvvve your piercing. im getting my dahlia pierced in a week or two 😀

    i have had my nose pierced for a year and i am fourteen i usually use salt water to take the infection away, just dont play with it or touch it too much && the infection or soreness should go away. andy suggestions on dahlia piercings.

  5. vero6923 says:

    @lovelydiva06 DO IT!!! u live once girl! I think those piercings look so cute!!!

  6. lovelydiva06 says:

    i think you look cute not everyone can pull off cheek piercings, i want the snake bite piercings but i haven’t got the balls to do it yet, lol

  7. ALLABOUTLiLi says:

    idk how long uve had ur nose pierced but for mine it took almost a yr for it to not hurt

  8. kbarbaretta says:

    @vero6923 No problem 🙂 I’ve had my fair share of problems with my nose ring. The main thing that helped me was the surgical steel nose ring. If you use tea tree oil for cleaning just make sure to dilute it with water a little bit because tea tree oil is really strong and will dry the skin out, I hope this helps you 🙂

  9. vero6923 says:

    @kbarbaretta thank you tHANK YOU!!!!!!!!! I WILL DEFF TRY THIS!

  10. kbarbaretta says:

    For your nose make sure to have a surgical steel nose ring in, and use tea tree oil to kill any infections.

  11. KittyChan9001 says:

    @vero6923 you look much happier now ^^

  12. vero6923 says:

    @KittyChan9001 Yes I took out the other ons and was repierced a little further apart. i love where they are now!!!

  13. vero6923 says:

    @Chelifornia R sweet! thanks!

  14. vero6923 says:

    @Divaliciousmakeup Thank you!

  15. vero6923 says:

    @heymynameiskaylaaa Haha Do it! I think it will look so cute!

  16. vero6923 says:

    @nanni84 Thank you so much!

  17. nanni84 says:

    Love your piercings 🙂 Look soo cute on you.

  18. heymynameiskaylaaa says:

    I got my medusa pierced (:
    I love it. And I want my cheeks done next but that would be 5 on my face(:
    They Look AMAZING on you!

  19. Divaliciousmakeup says:

    they look good

  20. Chelifornia says:

    You look adorable with your piercings

  21. KittyChan9001 says:

    did you get cheek piercings now? they look further apart now. I know you said you wanted dimple piercings in another video. But over all they look nice 🙂 i got my dahlias done for my birthday & i love them. I have like these big diamond ones though. idk the small ones were to small. & my left cheek was puffy as well. & they also had to put a longer bar.

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