Body jewelry

Lisa piercing her tounge.

Body jewelry

24 responses to “Lisa piercing her tounge.”

  1. chewurgumm says:

    that was soooooooo fast :O

  2. ANNAKAY876 says:

    wat did her mom say wen she got it?

  3. ANNAKAY876 says:

    wat did she ave to swallow?

  4. GubGub818 says:

    its not me, its an ex friend. erm she was about 15. shes currently 18 though…

  5. 7150alexis says:

    how old r u wen u got it

  6. bashful19 says:

    How old is she?! 10?! :O

  7. 1996112596 says:

    Daayymm that was fast 😉

  8. TheOnlyDuppie says:

    she looks like a 10 year old

  9. NLMavi says:

    so young :O

  10. HaiCourtney says:

    @kenzie123432 Oh i know lol. The look on her face was like “oh, thats it?”

  11. kenzie123432 says:

    @HaiCourtney You’d think it would hurt more than it looked like it did.

  12. HaiCourtney says:

    @kenzie123432 Patrolium jelly, or vasaline. To make the needle ease through, and also to make the jewelry slide through.

  13. BrittanyHindman says:

    i wish it was dat fast when i got mines done

  14. 95georgia says:

    How Old Is She? Like 10? And Was That Stuff He Put On Her Tonge Someting To Numb Her Pain?
    Wow He Put That Peirceing So Close To The Tip!!

  15. isisnaomibeaute says:

    lol that was fast !

  16. MRSGAZA says:

    looking good

  17. spartimania says:

    she looks twelve .

  18. klajassie101 says:

    wow she look hella young and yeah that is too close to the tip

  19. kenzie123432 says:

    What was the stuff they put on her toung???

  20. UnfoldingWings says:

    oh i see wow she looks like at least 2 years younger.

  21. Cookieboo23 says:

    its too close to the tip….

  22. pistoucha says:

    so young

  23. GubGub818 says:

    When she did it she was erm 15?

  24. UnfoldingWings says:

    how old is she?

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