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Piercing Pole! Which Piercing Should I do Next?

Body jewelry

pretty self exsplainitory. I just wanna say THANKS to everyone who has commented

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  1. LittleMissAmbiguous says:

    @FreddysBitch666 ooopps haha sorry yes, I will go watch some of your other videos now! 🙂

  2. FreddysBitch666 says:

    @LittleMissAmbiguous lol u havent looked through my videos have you no i make videos to show people how to properly pierce themselves without stupid mistakes like using peroxicde and rusty safteypins. I cant actually pierce myself without my parents threatening to kick me out. But yeh i agree with the stud over ring argument with the tragus piercing =)

  3. LittleMissAmbiguous says:

    I think industrial 🙂 I have that one – although warning it does hurt haha, but i’m sure you’re probably used to piercings so I don’t need to tell you x

    Also I think tragus piercings look awesome – but please if you get it done wear a stud and not a ring like in this video. Personal preference, of course, but I just think it looks better xx


    if you’re interested, my least favourite is the bridge piercing. I just don’t really like it. Of course it’s up to you though! 🙂

  4. FreddysBitch666 says:

    @crazycassie456 of course ask away =) and the thing with lip piercings (any oral piercing) it will close up. no matter how long u have it in. the longer you have it the longer it will take to close but they all WILL eventually close

  5. TheOMG913 says:

    Pleaseeeeee do eyebrow! Your other videos are great and you seem to know alot so I trust you lol.

  6. virgi8 says:

    you ahve a very cutte outie belly button in the another video like it , sorry me i didn’t noticed the 2 videos was from you

  7. crazycassie456 says:

    @virgi8 Your such a dushe bag. Comment once then fuck off

  8. crazycassie456 says:

    Do you have a lip piercing video up? I looked but didnt find one. I really like your vids. And i want to get my lip pierced, either just a single stud or snake bites. But im not getting it professionally done because it costs too much. So my friend is going to do it and i will do it, im just kinda afraid of the needle… So i wanted to ask if you could give me any advice? And if i put a lip stud in, how long do i have to keep it in before worrying that the hole will grow back in? Alot of advice?

  9. FreddysBitch666 says:

    @virgi8 omg would you fuck off of my videos please!!

  10. FMAangel1993 says:

    @FreddysBitch666 hey perv go fuck yourself!! leave her alone!

  11. FMAangel1993 says:

    @virgi8 hey perv go fuck yourself!! leave her alone!

  12. FMAangel1993 says:


  13. FreddysBitch666 says:

    @virgi8 i already have a belly button video up

  14. virgi8 says:

    why not belly button dear ? with nice video beefore after ?

  15. FreddysBitch666 says:

    @virgi8 uhhm yeh how bout no

  16. virgi8 says:

    also clit , so so cool feeling there

  17. virgi8 says:

    belly button you should do

  18. TrendZombie says:

    Conch or monroe.

  19. stephbabeeszz says:

    Monroe ! 😀
    Traqus orr
    most lykely
    im qettin that when ii turn 17[:

  20. beautycanbcheap says:


  21. VladimirTod4ever says:

    I have to say either the monroe, lip, or bridge Lol sorry I couldn’t make up my mind

  22. missxvoorhees says:

    i did the tragus piercing myself a few weeks ago 😀 but i wanna see how to do the conch piercing 🙂

  23. ilovemusic123450 says:


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