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Nail Piercing – Piercing unghie

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how to put a nail piercing.. the little piercing drill and the piercing i got them on ebay. but you can use any tool you have at home, like a screw driver, and as a piercing you can use any old little earrings, dangle or pendant.. §§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§ come fare un nail piercing.. il trapanino e il percing li ho acquistati su ebay, ma si possono usare anche degli oggett che già avete in casa: per creare il forellino, per esempio, potete usare una piccola vite o un cacciavite a stella molto piccolo; E al posto del piercing, potete usare qualunque pendente, ciondolo o piccoli orecchini..

25 responses to “Nail Piercing – Piercing unghie”

  1. anyalexandra says:

    @oceanfront90 lol it isnt crazy at all right now i have 3 nail piercings xD

  2. oceanfront90 says:

    @Tami81 That’s cool. The reason I say I couldn’t do it; it’s because I think the dangly would get on my nerves. I am sure it’s cute though…

  3. TheSparkalicous says:

    I have never even heard of piercing your nails! But it’s so cool. I thought it would hurt but as soon as u said it doesn’t hurt, I was like releived. It’s really pretty!

  4. Tami81 says:

    @oceanfront90 yes i did!

  5. oceanfront90 says:

    That’s crazy! Have you worn your nails like that before cause I don’t think I could do it.

  6. krazyfrend says:

    so when you have the piercing and you dont want
    it anymore you just cut your nail right?

  7. Tami81 says:

    @daredevilcat1 nop! not at all!.. nails are dead!!
    it’s like cutting or filing them.. do dofferences

  8. daredevilcat1 says:

    does it hurt like at all do you feel it ?

  9. Tami81 says:

    @kscdancer1 yeah got it!.. but there’s no danger.. if someone pulls it & the nail “rips” it won’t hurt anyway(nails are dead!!!).. it’s worse when the nails cracks or breacks near the felsh!!! that really hurt,don’t you think

  10. kscdancer1 says:

    i think this is a bad idea because wat if someone pulls on it or it gets caught on something and your nail just like rips in you get wat im saying.that just seems dangerous

  11. Tami81 says:

    @xMzKikix if i cut my nails i remove it (and reuse it if i want) and to paint the nails, i just do it normally!!!

  12. handrew722 says:

    Yeah 🙂 Kerli song in the background !
    By the way, that ‘piercing’ is cute 😛

  13. xMzKikix says:

    YA CAUSE NAILS NEED DANGLEY THINGS HANGIN OFF THEM wat r u going to do when u cut ur nail or want to paint them again???

  14. AzulDiamond93 says:

    who wants a hole in their nail????

  15. Tami81 says:

    @NekoManson il cacciavite a stella dorebbe funzionare bene.. dovresti usarne uno veramente piccolo

  16. Chanman308 says:

    dude u are taking to long to get to the point

  17. NekoManson says:

    purtroppo non ho quel fora ungha ed ho provato con un cacciavite a stella ma nulla ._. consigli?

  18. twilightrules97 says:

    @cutieblackbear well u can always just cut the nail

  19. cutieblackbear says:

    doesnt this ruin the nail? coz u have to drill a hole into it :/

  20. Tami81 says:

    @realtvfan18 Unghie it’s italian and it means Nails;)

  21. realtvfan18 says:

    whats an unghie? did you mean unique?

  22. vanettalavigne says:


  23. LenaGaga100 says:

    very cool =D

  24. lucytecnoveraemo says:

    @Tami81 no

  25. Tami81 says:

    @lucytecnoveraemo no cher non fa male!.. è come tagliarsi le ughie!!.. fa male?

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