Body jewelry

Hanna’s Belly Piercing

Body jewelry

My birthday present to you!

6 responses to “Hanna’s Belly Piercing”

  1. WoahNicolexD says:


    yeah i do but cheap bc ill get the supplies and shit and jewlery . but i didnt charge hannah bc shes my girll<3

  2. BanqiinBabeyDoll12 says:

    @WoahNicolexD omq ; iwish icould do that !
    iwhant my belly button pirced so fucken baad ! lucky ! lol .
    Doo yuu liike charqe for that ?

  3. WoahNicolexD says:


  4. BanqiinBabeyDoll12 says:

    did yoou doo that ?

  5. TheBobbyFrankShow says:


  6. thekelseyjohnson says:

    25 to life and love the way you lie. Its like you know what i think about. Eminem is my baby.

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