Body jewelry

Rook Piercing / Tounge Piercing

Body jewelry

My 2 new piercings. =) I got my Tounge done and i did my Rook myself. Also my Septum is now at an 8g. *ALSO* Thank you too all my subscribers and too everyone who watches my videos. Feel free to ask me questions for my 100 Subscriber Video in my comments or on my Formspring. (The link is below.) Ask Me Questions/ Follow Me At/ Follow Me Also At/ Comment, Rate and SUBSSCRBE!

25 responses to “Rook Piercing / Tounge Piercing”

  1. LaGueritaRaga018 says:

    @ohhsupdom haha i knew it lol ya cute!! && thas qood haha! ya got the body,, the looks, and that sexii ass smile!! ; )

  2. ohhsupdom says:

    @LaGueritaRaga018 Hell yeah im ittalian! fuckin proud to be a guido! :p

  3. LaGueritaRaga018 says:

    well like first lol r u italian?? u luk it and no its not a bad thing and second ur hot!!! lol

  4. Beforeidi says:

    lol u got it done on my bday 🙂

  5. mccforever says:

    i like your hatx)

  6. RapQueen1441 says:

    Yes i Know but i haven’t got a Piercing needle and i don’t can buy One because i’m 13 Years old :))

  7. ohhsupdom says:

    @RapQueen1441 Well you shouldnt have that problem if you use a piercing needle. 🙂

  8. RapQueen1441 says:

    I want to do my rook piercing Self Too but i think when i put it throw and fetch the needle out i don’t find the hole anymore :)) i have done my helix ,tragus and my 3rd ear lobe Self

  9. xXkRiStYyLoVeXx says:

    Alright so in about a week or 2 I’m going to be getting my nose peirced(7th peircing) and my friend is going to be coming with me and she is getting a bridge which will be her very 1st peircing ever she doesn’t even have her ears peirced and we’re both really excitedd :))

  10. ohhsupdom says:

    @xXkRiStYyLoVeXx hahah cool! Well keep me updated. 🙂

  11. xXkRiStYyLoVeXx says:

    Your welcome :))
    The only peircings I have at the moment are my industrial belly button and double earlobe if that makes sense but yeah I plan to get moree 🙂

  12. ohhsupdom says:

    @xXkRiStYyLoVeXx lol Thankyou ! =)

  13. ohhsupdom says:

    @arianolaschannel Thankyou. haha

  14. xXkRiStYyLoVeXx says:

    Your super cute and I love your peircings :))

  15. arianolaschannel says:

    omg u are super cute/hot in an adorable kindof way =P

  16. ohhsupdom says:

    @PregnantWhaleOnE Haha thank you! 🙂

  17. PregnantWhaleOnE says:

    Nice you pierced it yourself 🙂 i’m too scared for that. I likee your style 🙂

  18. ohhsupdom says:

    @PregnantWhaleOnE WEird that you posted that as i was checking my youtube. lol Thank you though. I do too. Its healing well also.

  19. ohhsupdom says:

    @paramorerocks1278 Thank you =)

  20. PregnantWhaleOnE says:

    love your piercing.

  21. paramorerocks1278 says:

    You are really cute

  22. ohhsupdom says:

    @amberisbombdigity I did but it sadly migrated due too me playing with it too much. >:|

  23. ohhsupdom says:

    @ph34rmy1337sk11z About two weeks to fully heal.

  24. amberisbombdigity says:

    didn’t you already have your tounge scoop pierced? what happened?

  25. ph34rmy1337sk11z says:

    ho long did it take for your snakebites to heal?

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